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Sazhko Vasyl

Associate Professor, Candidate of Historical Sciences

Head of  the Department of History


From the first days of school (1930), when the decision of People's Commissars of the USSR was created Poltava Institute of Agricultural Engineers construction, it formed part of the Department humanities disciplines.

Chair was named - Department of Marxism-Leninism according to the contemporary realities of the era. In 1976 the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the USSR made decision to rename department and it got a new name - Department of History of the CPSU. In 1989 the Scientists of the Institute made decision to rename to the Department of Political History. In 1991, according to new content of work, the name was refreshed - Department of Historical Sciences and Law, from 2001 - Department of History and Law. Since 2006, due to the reform of the organizational structure of the University, Department of History and Law was renamed to the Department of History.


Heads of Department was:

Logvyn M. 

1930  1933

Homenko E.

1933  1941

Ershov G. 

1941  1953

Volkov V.  

1953  1967

Kotovych A.

1967  1974

Polischuk M.

1974  1984

Gorban V.

1984  2006


Head of department is Vasyl Sazhko, associate professor, candidate of historical sciences (since 2006).

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The Department has 4 Assistant Professors, Ph.D. in History of Science, 2 senior lecturers.

Sazhko Vasyl                          

Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in History. Head of Department


Field of research: agrarian question in Ukraine at the beginning of ХХ century.

He has 18 scientific publications.


Sazhko V. has state and departmental awards:

Plaque "Excellence in Education of Ukraine" (2006)

Gavrylenko Igor

Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in History

Fields of research: Stone Age archeology and prehistory of Left-bank Ukraine, eminent personalities of Ukraine.


He has more then 80 scientific publications.

Samojlenko Natalia

Associate Professor, Ph.D. in History

Field of research: Ukrainian historiography history of Bulgaria


She has over 100 scientific publications.

Kozak Olena

Assistant Professor, Ph.D. inHistory


Fields of research: Political parties during the Ukrainian Revolution. Local studies.

 She has 9 scientific publications.

Olena Vitrynska

senior lecturer, Candidat of Historical Sciences

Her scientific research is about history of Jews in Ukraine.


She has more than 20 scientific publications

Kapko Svitlana

senior lecturer


Fields of research: local history, the history of Poltava and Poltava region XIV - XXI centuries.

She has more then 30 scientific publications.

The Department is issuing

The objective of the department - the forming of students set personal qualities and traits of future professional and citizen of Ukraine who combine deep theoretical knowledge, practical skill, national identity and pride in their country, a developed spirituality, moral and political culture.


The above requires lecturers to ensure a high scientific and theoretical, methodological and professional level of teaching and support innovative educational process.


This goal can be achieved through:

- Increasing the intellectual potential of the department, the development of its research base, increasing professionalism of teaching staff;

- Introduction of innovative methods of learning process, the use of advanced educational technologies;

- Formation of cooperation with strategic partners.


The Concept is to increase scientific and educational potential of the department, the elimination of its slow adaptation to the social market economy, integration in the university in the European and international educational and scientific community, partnerships with related departments of higher educational institutions of Ukraine, strengthening of in the area of high-quality scientific and educational potential of social protection of all employees of the department.


Goals, principles and activities, organization and methods of addressing specific educational, research and teaching tasks, three interrelated strategies:


1) personal and professional, which means that only a strong personal and professional capacity of teachers, educators, instructors able to create a similar and more powerful potential future highly qualified specialists of various disciplines - creative, imaginative thinking, aimed at the future, able to work in a dynamic changes of the modern world;

2) creative-heuristic that is in constant creative search for ways to improve the training of specialists of various disciplines;

3) The interaction and cooperation implemented: at the level of the department - among its employees, at the university level - between the Department of History and other departments and departments, between teachers and students, at the national level - the development of partnership cooperation with the relevant departments of other universities, research research institutions and organizations.


Principles of the department:

1) normativity. In this paper, guided by the basic regulations: laws of Ukraine "On Education", "On Higher Education" University Statute, the Rules of the department;

2) dynamic. Provides rapid response department as educational and research unit of the University: a) changing requirements of customers of educational services, and b) changes in the technological process of training (Innovations in Education);

3) complexity. Assumes equal implementation of all areas of the department (academic work, organizational, methodological, scientific, educational);

4) collective and personal responsibility for the process and results of training future professionals of various disciplines;

5) publicity. Achievements, the results of the department in various areas regularly discussed at meetings of the department, faculty and university boards.


Objectives of the department can be implemented in the educational activities the following measures:

1. Improving the content of educational disciplines:

1.1. Filling curricula results of domestic and foreign scientific and didactic works.

1.2. Keeping software training courses to meet modern standards and relevance.

1.3. Adaptation Programs of subjects into the European educational space.

2. Increased R & D department:

2.1. Strengthening of the coordination of research subjects.

2.2. Participation of faculty and students in regional, national and international conferences, where the testing of research results.

2.3. Holding regular scientific and methodological seminar of the department and scientific conferences.

2.4. Periodic publications on the subject of the Department.

2.5. Increasing Engagement of the department for quality of research, the results of which should be reflected through printing papers, abstracts at scientific conferences at various levels and implemented by the thesis defense and use in educational process.

2.6. Formation of stable relationships with academic departments of other.

2.7. Implementation research and development department in the learning process.

2.8. Attracting the best students to participate in the research work of the department specific to their education and future professional orientation.

2.9. Improvement of student science club chair with in-depth study of the history of Ukraine.

3. Development of human resources department, encouraging skills development.

4. Enhancing educational and patriotic work with the students, based on what to put the principles of humanism, democracy, continuity and succession of generations, respect for the Ukrainian language and culture, a culture of interethnic relations, the implementation of the Ukrainian national idea.

  1. History of Ukraine
  2. History of International Relations
  3. History of the Modern World
  4. History of Science and Technology
  5. Eminent personalities of Ukraine

Lecturers has been prepared and published the following manuals in recent years:

Sazhko V. The Agrarian Question in Ukraine in the early twentieth century: historical and political dimension: Monograph. - Poltava: PoltNTU named after Yuriy Kondratyuk, 2006

History of Ukraine: Teach. user / O. Kadeniuk, V. Sazhko. - Kamyanets' Podolsky, 2007.

Gavrylenko I. History of Ukraine: modular course [Textbook. Book]. - Ed. 2nd. - Poltava: ASMI, 2007, 2008.

Gavrylenko I. Developed educational and methodical complex of remote study of the history of Ukraine and had tested the introduction of elements of distance education course in the study of individual students and courses.

There are constantly work on developing and updating lecture notes, guidelines for independent, individual work full-time students and distance learning, performance tests of disciplines. Students have the opportunity to receive materials in electronic or printed format.

There was published over 50 scientific articles by lecturers.

They are dedicated to:

• ancient history of Ukraine and the original archeology (Gavrylenko I.)

• the existence of the German colonies in the Ukrainian lands (Kapko S.)

• the establishment of market relations in agriculture in Ukraine at the beginning of the XX century (Sazhko V.)

• Theory and practice of the national state (Gavrylenko I., Kapko S., Samojlenko N.)

• Development of Political Parties period 1917-1925 biennium (Kozak O.)

• Religious persecution in the Soviet era, including the power to limit the Jews in the 1920s and 30s (Vitrynska O.)

• Bulgarian-Ukrainian relations and the history of the Bulgarian Renaissance (Samojlenko N.)

• Development of Poltava region during Gorbachev's perestroika (Kapko S.)

• method humanitarian training university students technical direction, management, education, integrating the principles of the Bologna Process in Ukrainian education (Gavrylenko I., Sazhko V. Samojlenko N. Kapko S.)

Gavrylenko I., Associate Professor, Candidate of Historical Sciences performs research work on preparation of materials to as "Summary of historical and cultural monuments of Ukraine" in Poltava region (the article on the archeology of the Stone Age). This work is coordinated by the Poltava Regional State Administration and carried out according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine "On the Development and production of multi-encyclopaedic publication" Digest of the history and culture of Ukraine "dated 11.12.2000 was, № 1328/2000.

Also Gavrylenko I. joined the group of authors, compilers scientific publication of the Commission of the NAS of Ukraine Academician Vernadsky scientific heritage, the National Library of Ukraine named after VI Vernadsky and the Institute of History of Ukraine "Selected scientific work of Academician VI Vernadsky. - Vol 1: Vladimir Vernadsky and Ukraine. - Book. 2: Selected Works. "

Faculty are regular participants of research activities carried out at the university and beyond. In the current academic year, these were:

• International Conference "Poltava Museum: Archaeological Research in Retrospect", Poltava, 19-21.09.2012, the

• All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "Distance Education: Status and Prospects for technical specializations", Ivano-Frankivsk, 10-12.10.2012, the

• Scientific conference "National Memory: socio-cultural and spiritual dimensions", Kyiv 25.10.2012, the

• XVII International Scientific Conference "Quality management training", Odessa, 19-20.04.2012, the

• XIV International Conference "The Bulgarians Northern Black Sea" Bolhrad of Odessa region., 21-22.10.2012, the

• IV International Workshop Azov bolharystychnyy Melitopol, 16/11/2012, the

• II National Conference "Achieving Social and Human Sciences in Contemporary Ukraine", Dnipropetrovsk 28.04.2012.

Department perform research work with students to help them prepare for university competitions and national competitions of scientific works, working with students of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the scientific work of the department in one way or another were involved over 100 students.

The department has a student research group in-depth study of the history of Ukraine and its membership consists of 13 students I-II courses of the Faculty of Oil and Gas, Electromechanical Department, Faculty of information and communications technologies and systems.

In addition to participating in the Annual Scientific Meeting PNTU under the supervision of three students of course I prepared a report and took part in the "Readings Shevchenko», organized and conducted humanitarian departments of the University, the 06.03.2012

Student group 202-TT S. Yerys a report "Alexander Shargey: childhood in Poltava youth development space issues" made on "round table" with international participation "Yuriy Kondratiuk (Alexander Shargey) in earth time and space" (to the 115th anniversary of the birth of theoretical astronautics, brilliant engineer, inventor, innovator) (10.04.2012) and prepared the publication of the collected materials of the event.

Under the supervision of the department in recent years made the following scientific publications by students:

• Zvirko V. (FE-102, under the direction of and in collaboration with Kapko S.). Political and legal views Franko / / Proceedings of the III All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "History of Ukraine state: new views and modern views" dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the UCR. - Donetsk: Donetsk National Technical University, 2007. - S. 68-69.

• N. Panchenko (FE-101, under the direction of and in collaboration with Kapko S.). Hrushevsky compromise with the Soviets: the causes and conditions / / same. - S. 90-91.

• Shestopal N.(201-EDA, under the direction of and in collaboration with Kapko S). The revolutionary and artistic creativity in the fate V.K.Vynnychenka / / same - S. 124-125.

• Shestopal N.( 201-EDA, under Kapko S.). V.Vynnychenko: the beginning of the path / / Philosophical seminars. - Poltava: PoltNTU, 2007. - Issue. 4-5. - S. 83-90.

• Zhumadilov R. (1pNH, under the guidance and in collaboration with Kapko S). Higher Education in Ukraine: From antiquity to the present / / Higher Education in the Context of the Bologna Process: Proceedings of the International Scientific and Methodological Conference, 18-21 November 2008 - Poltava: ASMI, 2008. - S. 161-164.

• T. Timchenko (Gr. 102-EF), Shevchenko Y. (104-EF) (under the direction of and in collaboration with Kapko S.). Great Famine of 1932-1933 in Poltava / / Proceedings of the 60th Conference of professors, teachers, researchers and students of the University (Poltava, 16-18 April 2008). - Poltava: PoltNTU, 2008. - S. 65-66.

• Homovych O. (101-FM, under the direction of and in collaboration with Samojlenko N.). Great Famine of 1932-1933 in Poltava / / same. - S. 62-63.

• Velichko (FE-101, under the guidance and in collaboration with A. Kozak). New approaches to finding authentic images of Ivan Mazepa / / Battle of Poltava: the military-historical perspective: Proceedings of the regional meeting of the "round table" April 22, 2009. - Poltava: PoltNTU, 2009. - S. 120-123.

• Irkliyevska S. (FE-104, under the direction of and in collaboration with Kapko S.). The political aspect of Ivan Mazepa / / Ibid. - S. 37-41.

• Reva I. (FE-101, under the direction of and in collaboration with A. Kozak). Ukrainian-Swedish-Moscow relations XVII-XVIII centuries: historiography / / same. - S. 10-14.


Name of the event


Chairman of the Organizing Committee,

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Round table "1943 - a year of radical change in the Second World War and the beginning of Ukraine's liberation from German occupation»

Department of history


Sazhko V,

Gavrulenko I.




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Head of  the Department of History – Sazhko Vasyl, Associate Professor, Candidate of Historical Sciences.

Aud. 205 P.

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