Любіть Україну у сні й наяву,
Вишневу свою Україну,
Красу її, вічно живу і нову,
І мову її солов'їну.
В. Сосюра

The department was founded in 1930 and originally called the department of physical education, and in 2012 was renamed the department of physical education, sport and health. Heads of department were Novinsky Mihail Antonovich, Kotovenko Ivan Yakovlevich, Vladimir Tkachenko, Boychenko Boris Fedorovich, Paschenko Volodymyr Anatolievich.


Today the department is headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor Yuriy Moroz. In 2000 he graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education Poltava State Pedagogical University named after V. G. Korolenko. In 2009 he defended his thesis on "Teaching basics of healthy young pupils in the educational process in secondary schools" in the specialty 13.00.07 - theory and methods of education. Claus M. has about 76 scientific and educational works.


The main disciplines that make up professional training:

Theory and Methods of Physical Education;Theory and methods of teaching sports


(Athletics, swimming, football, athleticism, sports, health and fitness, swimming, gymnastics);

  • Human Physiology;
  • Human Anatomy with the basics of sports morphology;
  • Therapeutic exercise;
  • Methods medical knowledge;
  • Rehabilitation Psychology;
  • Hygiene;
  • Methods of physical rehabilitation;
  • Sports Medicine;
  • Biomechanics;
  • Biochemistry;
  • Pedagogy;
  • Fundamentals massage;
  • Sports facilities and equipment;
  • Sports metrology.


"Human Health" - important area of training in physical education and sport for skilled work with different age groups, with certain variations in health and in need of physical rehabilitation through exercise, health forces of nature, hygiene factors.


The need for training specialists of this trend, with regard to a steady increase in incidence has been increasing steadily. The opening area of training students and updated sports facilities of the University is not accidental, because this process was preceded by a significant work of the department in the university sports teams, visiting almost 90% of the students and teachers of our university. The students staff highly qualified teachers-trainers, good sports facilities: a large games room, a specialized gym weightlifting, wrestling, powerlifting, general physical training stadium with running tracks, playgrounds. Yearly large number of scheduled sports and mass and health measures: sports, sports events, friendly matches in various sports - volleyball, basketball, football, handball, table tennis, chess, athletics, kettlebell lifting, weightlifting, which annually takes More than 2000 students and teaching staff of the university


Every year remains steady trend towards increasing the number of sports clubs. Currently, the University has 26 sports clubs with 21 different kinds of sports, which in their free time and work more than 600 students, teaching staff have the opportunity to improve their sportsmanship, conduct targeted training to participate in sports city, region, Ukraine world. In particular, the most widespread are such sports section:


Table Tennis (team PoltNTU appears in the top league of Ukraine, is captained by Vladimir Onischenko, Rector, Prof., MMR;

Member team PoltNTUSuper League of Ukraine on table tennis Chermensky Andrey V., Lecturer, Department of Physical Education, MS;

National team PoltNTU table tennis Major League Ukraine 

  • Athletics-Nosenko Marina S. Postgraduate student finance, banking and government, CCM, Champion Poltava region in athletics;


  • Savchenko Yakov (501-BPN), and discharge, Champion of Ukraine marathon running, Champion Poltava region;
  • kickboxing-Khachaturyan Ashot (302-FE), MS, World Champion in kickboxing, kickboxing Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Ukraine Thai boxing;
  • armsport-Dudko Oleh (411-BPN), MC, Champion of Ukraine armsportu men, World Champion armsport;


  • Marina Levchenko (301 CE), CCM, Champion of Ukraine armsport (juniors);
  • Gromov Roman (501-BM), MC, Champion of Ukraine armsport (juniors);
  • Doroshenko, Artem (504-BP), MC, Champion of Ukraine armsport;


National team PoltNTU with armsport


  • weight sport-Zaets Dmitriy (509-B), MS, World Championship silver medalist in kettlebell sport;


  • powerlifting - Stozhka Alexander (graduate student), MC Champion in powerlifting, Poltava region, Ukraine Champion in powerlifting; Kotendzhy Irina (302-A), MC Champion in powerlifting, Poltava region, Ukraine Champion in powerlifting;
  • mountain bike - Vladimir Nos (401-MI), MS, Champion of Ukraine mountain bike;
  • wrestling-Saenko Julia (201-FM), IMR, Ukraine Champion in wrestling, Champion Poltava region in wrestling;
  • combat judo, Viktor Klimenko (506-BP), IMR, Champion Poltava region to combat judo.


Department of Physical Education, Sport and human health cooperates with sanatoria PoltNTU, since base sanatorium-dispensary, which includes classrooms physiotherapists, physical rehabilitation, rehabilitation therapy, widely used during the training of students in the preparation of the new "healthy person". The resource base of sanatorium-dispensary constantly updated, in particular to improve the sanatorium-dispensary purchased the equipment for gymnastics hall, multifunctional massage bed "Nuga Best" and turmaniyevyy mattress that has anti-inflammatory, regenerative, improving blood flow properties.


Multi-massage bed "Nuga Best"


May Ivan (gr 501- HZ), Master of Sports of Ukraine in table tennis (Invasport) candidate for the Paralympic team of Ukraine, European champion (2015) winner and winner of international tournaments.

Bezuglaya Ksenia (gr.401- TT), Candidate Master of Sports of Ukraine armsport, a member of the national team of Ukraine, world champion (2015), multiple medalist of European championship among juniors (2013, 2014, 2015), a multiple champion and winner of championships in Ukraine.

Sushko Jaroslav (gr. 201 пME), International Master of Sports of Ukraine with weight lifting world champion (2012), multiple winner of world and European championships (2013, 2014), a multiple champion and winner of championships and Cups of Ukraine (2012 – 2015).

Yuriy Moroz Head of Department, Associate Professor PhD

Babich Natalia L. Associate Professor, k.fiz. Closed.

Alexey Vorobyov senior teacher, coach football referee national category

Julia V. Gordienko senior lecturer, master of sports of international class, coach of powerlifting superior, Judge national category, a bronze medalist at the world championship (Norway, 1998), silver medalist of European Championship (Ukraine, 1998)

Lupay Yuri senior lecturer, coach of handball player club "Dynamo-Poltava" (1994-2000) arbitrator first category

Ostapov Adrian V. Senior Lecturer, Candidate Master of Sports, coach of the volleyball player team of Ukraine (1988-1991), champion of the USSR (1989), champion of sports of the USSR (1990), multiple champion of Ukraine (1989-1990), the arbitrator first category

Mandya Pavel Y. Honored Coach of Ukraine, trainer kettlebell lifting, weightlifting, Senior Lecturer, Judge national category

Oksana V. Gordienko teacher, master of sports of international class, coach of powerlifting, Ukraine Junior Champion, silver medalist at the World Championships (Czech Republic, 1999), European silver medalist (2000, Poland)

Zhaley Ruslan V. Lecturer, Candidate Master of Sports in athletics coach, Champion region (1982-1983)

Musiyachenko Eugene S. teacher, master of sports, the coach of the fight, the winner of the international tournaments (2000-2006), winner of Ukraine (2003-2006), the arbitrator first category

Omelyanenko Alexander teacher candidate master of sports of athletics and coach, referee first category


Chermensky Andrew V. Lecturer, Master of Sports of Ukraine tennis, super league player (1988-2001), (2010-2012) league Poland (2003-2005), Super League (2011-2012)


Sinitsa Tatiana Lecturer, Master of cheerleading

 Onischuk Larisa Associate Professor, PhD

Beseda Natalia senior-lecturer, PhD

Rybalko Lina, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences

Ponomarenko Natalia Nikolaevna teacher

Shtahman Albert Evgenjevich head of the laboratory, Judge national category

Kravtsova Alla senior laboratory

Elkin Yuri educational master

A specialist in physical rehabilitation may hold the following positions:

A specialist in physical rehabilitation;

Methodologist of Physical Education;

Methodist school establishments; 

Manager of Public Health; 

Inspector of educational, methodical work, industrial training, initial military training;

Coaches per sport (sport school section), fitness trainer;

Organizer extra-curricula work;

Instructor-methodologist of physical culture and sports;

Instructor-methodist sports school;

Instructor Methodist training facility (Hall);

Athlete instructor;

Instructor organizational work;

Instructor training center;

Instructor of Health Education;

Head Sports Club;

Head of the Laboratory;

Head of sports facilities;

Head of sports facilities;

Chieftown (school, health);


Assistant teachers, rehabilitation;

Instructor health and sports tourism.


The main tasks that can meet specialist:

Training and education (education);

Treatment and prevention;

Sports and recreation;


Rehabilitation and recreation activities;

Management of Physical Education;

Education and training;



Place of specialist:

Specialized rehabilitation centers;

Youth sports school;

Center, preventive, therapeutic and sports clinics, rest homes;

Athletic and sports organizations;

Centers, "Health", "Invasport" and recreation;

Groups Health at athletic facilities and institutions;

Sports teams;

Houses disabled and the elderly;


Fitness clubs (malls, complexes), etc.;

General hospitals and specialized profile;

Military hospitals;

Secondary and higher education institutions, kindergartens;

Enterprises and organizations.

Research and teaching staff of the department of physical education and sport since 2012, works on the following topics of research: "Modern technologies of strengthening and restoration of health" and "military-patriotic education of students of secondary schools" (with NAPS Ukraine, the Institute of education (laboratory of physical development).

The department annually held scientific events, and regional methodological seminar "Physical education students in the context of the Bologna process: experience, problems and prospects" (2012); Round table "State and prospects of development of physical rehabilitation in terms of Young Scientists" (2013);  Ukrainian scientific-practical Internet-conference of students and young scientists (2014); Round Table "Actual problems of physical rehabilitation in Ukraine and the World" (2015). There are traditional research activities in collaboration with the Department of Infrastructure and Tourism of Poltava Regional State Administration (round table "Problems of development of sport tourism and tourist routes with active way to travel," 2014, 2015).

During the period 2012-1016 lecturers published about 110 articles in professional journals of Ukraine; 18 articles in foreign journals, 8 papers in journals included in international databases (Index Copernicus, SCOPUS,  etc.). At the same scientists of the department annually participate in scientific conferences at national and international levels.

International relations department of physical education and sport with educational institutions and organizations of other countries are connected with cooperation with foreign universities. Staff department regularly publishes in the media, members of the international scientific-metric database: Scopus, Index Copernicus. In addition, teachers of the department participate in scientific conferences held at the foreign universities, including: IX mezinarodni vedecko-praktika conference «Dny Vedy - 2013" ( Prague, Czech Republic, 2013); XI International scientific and practical conference «Science and civilization-2015" ( Sheffield, UK, 2015); 11 International  scientific practical conference (Sofia, Bulgaria, 2015).

Teachers participate in meetings, round tables, scientific seminars and information forums dedicated to the implementation of the EU program "Horizon 2020" in "Secure, clean and efficient energy."

In PoltNTU promotes healthy lifestyles

In PoltNTU students of the Faculty of Humanities went to the camping trip.

Traditionally, the administration of the institution together with the Humanities Faculty Student Government and supported by the Department of Infrastructure and Tourism of Poltava Regional State Administration went on a camping trip.


 Active youth Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University students humanitarian field of study "Human Health" held a traditional tourist rally on the occasion of World Tourism Day and Tourism Day in Ukraine. After the hike the outskirts of the city, the youth was placed on the picturesque bank of the river Vorskla. Having completed the first preparation  all students started various tourist competitions. During  watching the performances of teams jury  determined the best in all categories.



- I'm studying at the university for the second year, but from the first moment I realized I will not be boring here. Our University has always a lot of creative ideas, today's event proved. In general, the university always held similar events aimed at the development of harmonious personality - said  Helen, a student  of Humanities Department.



Competitions were held in a tense struggle. In the category for "best motto" team won 2nd year direction of training "Human Health", in the "tent for the rapid establishment" - 3rd year team in the nomination "for the best poster on the tourist theme" winner was the team of Poltava Petroleum College PoltNTU, in the category for "best performance of the tourism song" recognized the best team of 102 GZ in the category "for cooking the most delicious meals in the field" - a group 102GZ, in the "on agility and speed of travel relay" PCNGRT, in the "emblem for the best" - 101 GZ, and in the "for winning the tug tow" the winner was the team of 4 year GZ.


Congratulations to all the winners and wish everyone a positive mood. Good luck.

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