Любіть Україну у сні й наяву,
Вишневу свою Україну,
Красу її, вічно живу і нову,
І мову її солов'їну.
В. Сосюра

The Department of Foreign Philology and Translation trains future translators and provides teaching English, German and French to students of all specialities. The teachers are persistently mastering new methods and techniques of teaching foreign languages for specific and academic purposes. By means of a foreign language they help their students realize all the cultural values and ethical behaviour, typical for the native speakers.

University students have an opportunity to receive a high-quality practical and theoretical training in disciplines taught by the Department’s academic staff as well as to develop their research skills when participating in different scientific conferences and publishing their research works. The library and computer labs with access to the Internet are available for students.

The Department combines teaching foreign languages with students’ humanitarian training. Teachers organize various events: scientific conferences, competitions, parties, discussions, excursions to museums, the Arts gallery, enterprises and organizations.  Commemorations of Shakespeare, Burns and French artists have already become a tradition. Each year the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation, together with the Library staff, arranges exhibitions devoted to France and French outstanding writers.

As a separate structural unit the Foreign Languages Department was founded in 1954. For over sixty years, the Department has managed to develop its own style of teaching, improving the process of training, efficiency and quality of education. Since 2016 it has been functioning as the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation.

The Department provides teaching English, German and French. Since 1948, the Department has been holding examinations for the PhD degree both for the postgraduates of PoltavaNationalTechnicalYuriKondratyukUniversity and for applicants from other higher education institutions and enterprises of Ukraine.

The Department has approved itself both in our country and abroad, actively participating in international conferences, symposia, meetings etc., publishing articles and abstracts, presenting reports on philology and methodology research.


Acting Head of the Department, Associate Professor, PhD (Candidate of Philological Sciences)


Associate Professor, PhD (Candidate of  Pedagogical Sciences)


Professor, PhD, (Doctor of Philological Sciences)


Professor, PhD (Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences)


Associate Professor, PhD (Candidate of Philological Sciences)


Associate Professor, PhD (Candidate of Philological Sciences)


Associate Professor, PhD (Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences)


Associate Professor, PhD (Candidate of Philological Sciences)


Associate Professor, PhD (Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences)

Anna Pavelyeva

Associate Professor, PhD (Candidate of Philological Sciences)


Associate Professor, PhD (Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences)








Senior Lecturer












Senior Lecturer



Alla Bolotnikova



The rapid development of international relations maintained by the construction enterprises and the oil-and-gas complex of Ukraine, and Poltava region in particular, requires highly skilled professionals able to provide bilingual interpretation and translation in a variety of situations, concerning the production activities.

In the Poltava Region development of oil-and-gas and construction industries is being intensified. Companies of these industries, located in the region, suffer the constant need for the translations of foreign or national languages.

Nowadays, most specialists available in this field in the region do not have the required qualifications. Universities, training bachelors in the field of training 6.020303 "Philology", train specialists in other professional fields.

Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University possesses necessary human resources and research potential and facilities for translators’ training in the field of scientific and technical translation, particularly in the oil-and-gas and construction industries. The program, developed for training linguists at PoltNTU, is more adapted to the needs of the region compared to those used by other regional universities. The program, in particular, takes into consideration development of the oil-and-gas and construction industries. This specificity distinguishes PoltNTU from other universities that are already engaged in training philologists.

Bachelor of Philology participates in written and oral communication and provides  information in various sectors of the economy, science, technology, education, culture through  translation of texts from foreign languages into the national one and vice versa. The Education Level of Bachelor (professional field "Translation"(English Language) is the basis for further training for the Specialist's and Master's Degree.

A qualified linguist and translator may occupy the following positions:

• Specialist Translator at Public and Private Institutions

• Translator of Scientific and Technical Literature

• Translator of Business Literature

• Interpreter

• Guide-Interpreter

• Editor-Translator

• Linguist, Information Practician

• Consulting Translator

In the course of studying students master the basic disciplines that will constitute their professional training:

• History of English Speaking Countries Literature

• Information Systems and Technologies in the Translation Activity

• The Problem of Scientific and Technical Literature Translating

• Bilingual Translation of  Different Genres Texts

• Comparative Linguistics

• History of Ukraine

• Philosophy

• Latin

• Introduction to Linguistics

• Introduction to Translation Science

• Practical Grammar (English)

• Speaking and Writing Practice (English)

• History of the English Language

• Research Writing and Style

• History of Ukrainian Culture

• Modern Ukrainian Language (for Translators)

• Speaking and Writing Practice in German

• Speaking and Writing Practice  (English)

• Country Studies (English)

• Culture-through-Language Studies (English)

• History of the Second Studied Language Literature

• Culture-through-Language Studies of the Second Language Countries.

• Methodology of Teaching Foreign Language to Translators

• Computer Science and Computer Equipment

• Culturology

• Basics of Economics

• Law Science

• History of Foreign Literature (World Literature)

• Theory of Translation

• Basics of Language Communication Theory

• Speaking and Writing Practice (German)

• The Third Foreign Language (French)

• Ukrainian Language (For Professional Purposes)

• Business Ukrainian

• Sociology

Partnership. Employment. Practice.

 Students of "Philology" field of training have the opportunity to take practice at the enterprises and organizations of various ownership forms.

      The concept of scientific, research and innovation activities of the Department is concentrated on the social demand for

- highly qualified translators proficient in two foreign languages (English and German) able to provide translation and interpretation in oil and gas and construction spheres;

- a wide range of economic and technical specialists who are able to use a foreign language in the situations of professional sphere at the level of Independent User (B2). The concept covers all the activities of Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University and presupposes the following steps:


Development of professional skills

  1. Optimizing the teaching staff by means of implementing the strategic plan of theses defense by Department’s researchers , encouragement of doctoral studies.


Teaching work

1. Preparation of documents for accrediting the "Philology" field of training.
2. Increase of the methodological publications, recommended by the University, and textbooks, recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine for the subjects taught at the Department.

3. Implementing the advanced educational technologies into the process of foreign languages training : teaching with the use of language portfolio, project work methods, “immersion” technique.

4. Development of Scientific Methodology Unit to perform research and advisory work on the cost accounting contracts: "Providing the research and advisory services to students, postgraduates and teaching staff in their professional research and in preparing specialized publications and presentations at conferences of various levels: international, national, inter-university, university".Alpha

5. Organizing foreign languages courses for students of all specialities as well as for graduate students and teaching staff of the University.


Research work

1. Raising of the Department’s scientific capacity by means of active participation in scientific conferences of different levels with the obligatory publication of articles or abstracts and personal presentations.

2. Publishing research findings in academic journals including those listed in academic databases.

3. Conducting academic seminars and providing consultations for academic staff members, post-graduates, students and University employees within the framework of the “Foreign Languages Centre” academic-methodology laboratory.


Information and Telecommunication Activities

Information and telecommunication activities of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation are directed at the application of the computer language laboratory, equipped with modern software system “Dialogue Nibelung” in the training process.. It ensures:

1. Raising the media education level of the teaching staff through discussing the theoretical and practical issues of “Dialogue Nibelung” technical and didactic possibilities in foreign languages teaching at a technical university during the methodology workshop meetings;

2. Giving master-classes, aimed at formation and improving computer skills of the teachers, working with the software system “Dialogue Nibelung;

3. Defining the criteria for selection and implementation of texts, audio and video materials appropriate for use within the mentioned program;

4. Creating  task sets for teaching, reading, listening, speaking and writing in the interactive multimedia environment;

5. Tests development and their input into the program;

6. Holding demonstration classes in the computer language lab.


International Cooperation Development

1. Comprehensive study of foreign experience in teaching foreign languages at non-language universities.

2. Conducting joint research with foreign languages departments of nonlinguistic universities in Ukraine and Russia, participation in international conferences, seminars and symposia.

3. Participating in the events within the framework of the English for Universities project implemented jointly with the British Council.

4. Providing  foreign languages training to teachers, postgraduates, students of the University for their participation in international exchange programs, internships, training and teaching abroad.

5. Participation of students and prospective applicants in seminars, workshops and other events held by native speakers, particularly, by the representatives of the U. S. Peace Corps.

Teachers, working at the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation, have the opportunity to train students in the classrooms with modern audio, video and computer equipment. They constantly search for new forms of educational work aimed at transforming the educational process into the Department’s cooperation with students, postgraduates and colleagues from other University departments. Network computer lab with standard hardware, equipped with the appropriate headset (headphones and microphones), and with special software - modern software system “Dialogue Nibelung” - has become a real linguistic laboratory. The right choice of software permitted developing the course content, solving certain training objectives in the formation of foreign language students' communicative competence in reading, listening, speaking and writing, managing their independent work. Since now the role of the teacher as the central figure of the educational process makes itself evident in the fact that by means of “spying” and “intervention” the teacher can correct and evaluate a student’s work very quickly, just when the student is doing the task, which cannot be achieved by other training facilities.

Teachers constantly publish guidelines and methodological recommendations on teaching foreign language for specific purposes to the students of all faculties and specialties, including newly implemented, as well as for business foreign language. Department staff members regularly prepare and issue guidelines in English, German and French languages for students, masters and postgraduates in order to improve their monologue and dialogic speech, to automize the use of grammatical structures and to develop skills of translating professional texts. In the teaching materials preparation and in the development of training aids our teachers keep up with the demands of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The methodology workshop meetings are inseparable part of the Department’s activity. During these tutorial workshops the teachers discuss contemporary issues of teaching foreign languages, such as: information technology in teaching foreign languages - the use of computer training programs (e.g. Reward), applications (Word, PowerPoint), application-shells (Hot Potatoes, “Dialogue Nibelung”), the use of Internet services, and Internet resources, implementing the e-learning elements, analysis of textbooks for teaching  foreign language for specific purposes, modern approaches to testing the level of forming the foreign language communicative competence, structure and content of international tests: IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE, the use of language portfolio – a means permitting students to keep track of the foreign language learning experience and intercultural communication, to set personal learning goals, to make self-assessment of linguistic achievements; project methodology implementation into the process of professional foreign language training, organizing and monitoring information, research projects.

Research work of the Department of Foreign Philology and is carried out in the following fields:

  • Research work of postgraduates and science degree applicants.
  • The teachers’ participation in conferences of various levels with their reports presentation and advisory work with students taking part in foreign languages conferences.
  • Assistance to students presenting their scientific papers in foreign languages.
  • Writing summaries and reviews of scientific works.
  • The teachers’ participation in seminars, symposia, the so-called “round tables” outside the University.
  • Assistance to postgraduates, Doctors of Engineering Sciences in preparing their articles and abstracts in foreign languages.
  • Training postgraduates of other departments for taking the Candidate’s examinations in foreign languages.
  • Business trips abroad for the purpose of skill-sharing.
  • Publication of scientific reports and research findings related to the Department’s research work.

Researchers of the Department carry out studies in a wide range of contemporary philology and pedagogy issues. Active search is being carried out in the fields of translation, teaching foreign languages, teaching methods of translation, discourse analysis, literary studies, etc.

The Department is actively working at raising its staff’s scientific potential. Nowadays three teachers undergo postgraduate studies in other higher educational institutions of Ukraine, two teachers are working at her own thesis research as an applicants for the PhD degree.

The teachers’ participation in international research activities and their involvement in international scientific publications has significantly increased. For example, the Department’s teachers participated in research and technological activities of universities and research institutions not only in Ukraine, but in Belgium, Bulgaria, South Africa, Poland, Czech Republic and Sweden as well.

In 2013 the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation launched the scientific conference “Innovative Technologies in the context of Foreign Languages Teaching”.

The University students not only have the opportunity to receive qualified practical and theoretical training in disciplines taught by the teachers of the department, but also to master skills of carrying out scientific research, which they obtain, taking part in different scientific conferences and publishing their research papers. Students can use library stocks and computer labs with access to the Internet.

Address: 36011, Ukraine, Poltava, 24, Pershotravnevy Avenue,

Central Building (studies No 310, 319).

Phone: (066) 427-99-10.

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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