Любіть Україну у сні й наяву,
Вишневу свою Україну,
Красу її, вічно живу і нову,
І мову її солов'їну.
В. Сосюра

The Faculty of Humanities

In 2012 the University structure was complemented by the Faculty of Humanities, which started training in specialties and fields relevant and necessary in modern society. This new university unit helps to realize the concept of comprehensive development of the university; makes it possible to combine the achievements of technology, natural sciences and humanities; and starts an irreversible process of integration and globalization of education and knowledge to train today's professionals to be prepared for the labor market, and to seek and find its most promising proposals.


Iryna O. Ivanitska

Honoured Teacher of Ukraine,


Deputy Dean of educational work:

Denysovets Iryna

PhD, Associate Professor at Ukrainian Study, Culture and Documentation Department 

Deputy Dean on scientific and international activities:

Ageicheva Anna , PhD

Associate Professor of Foreign Philology and Translation Depatment, PhD.


Study 211 F

Phone: 60-87-13

The Faculty includes 4 departments:

·Ukrainian Studies, Culture and Documentation

·Physical Training, Sports and Human Health

·The Department of Foreign Philology and Translation

·Philosophy and Socio-Political Sciences

029 Information, Library, Archiving (Specialization «Documentation and Informational Activity»);

227 Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy

017 Physical culture and sports

035 Philology (Specialization 035.04 The Germanic Languages and Literatures. Translation included)

029 Information, Library, Archiving (Specialization «Documentation and Informational Activity»)

Documentation and Information Activity" is a relatively new area of training specialists. This specialty is listed in European specialties that meet the Bologna process, which means that in the context of Ukraine integration into the European educational space, the best students will be able to improve their professional skills abroad and turn into reality the wise aphorism: «The one, who owns the information, owns the world».


The development of modern industry and service sector requires highly skilled specialists who can effectively solve problems of document-information supporting in all spheres of social activity. Documentation experts are those who provide the operation of administrative and management documentation at the appropriate professional level. Based on modern information technology, they provide timely analytical and synthetic processing and receiving information in various fields of social and economic life, solve problems of professional training and advancing training for management, search for reserves management personnel, improve the style and culture of the business relationship. means that specialty «Documentation and Information Activity» is particularly important and necessary today. 

Main places of employment, where you can work after graduation:

  • Departments of commercial and public institutions;
  • Marketing departments and services;
  • Advertising and PR departments;
  • Information-analytical centers of organizations, institutions and enterprises of different forms of ownership;
  • Work by selected specialty in public administration area, region, country;
  • Consulting centers.


Positions, which you can occupy after graduation:

  • Document specialist;
  • Specialist in personnel services;
  • Manager of the provision of information;
  • Manager of advertising and marketing communications;
  • Office manager;
  • Secretary;
  • Press Secretary, PR- textual critic (departments of Public Relations);
  • Coordinator of business presentations and projects in the state, business and civil society organizations;
  • Information analyst;
  • Modern office computer and software specialist;
  • Personnel manager;
  • Manager of information, advertising agency;
  • Archivist;
  • Scientific and technical information service specialist;
  • Head of the Information Service:
  • Head of the Marketing Communications etc.


227 Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy

It is important specialty for training specialists, which involves them to obtain high quality knowledge, motor skills and professional skills in the chosen specialty, skills to apply them in practice, creative work organization and self-improvement. There are appropriate training laboratories, sports facilities and relevant scientific and pedagogical staff level at Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University.


Health, as you know, is the greatest treasure for a personality. Human health preservation and strengthening, life extension and active longevity is the most important task of a civilized society. Specialists in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy (Physical Rehabilitation) are specialists prepared for creative professional-pedagogical, physical culture and health promotion and propaganda work with various strata of population. It gives possibility based on the knowledge in functional orientation of physical exercises, to use them effectively to improve the other people, physical features development, body posture correction, prevention of injuries prevention and functional body capabilities. It means that specialists in physical rehabilitation will stil be in high demand on the labor market. 

Main places of employment, where you can work after graduation:

  • Specialized rehabilitation centers;
  • Youth sports school;
  • Center, preventive, therapeutic and sports clinics, rest homes;
  • Athletic and sports organizations;
  • Centers, "Health", "Invasport" and recreation;
  • Groups Health at athletic facilities and institutions;
  • Sports teams;
  • Houses disabled and the elderly;
  • Hospitals;
  • Fitness clubs (malls, complexes), etc.;
  • General hospitals and specialized profile;
  • Military hospitals;
  • Secondary and higher education institutions, kindergartens;
  • Enterprises and organizations.


Positions, which you can occupy after graduation:

  • Specialist in physical rehabilitation;
  • Physical Education Methodologist;
  • School establishment methodologist;
  • Public Health Manager;
  • Inspector for educational, methodical work, industrial training, initial military training;
  • Coaches per sport (sport school section), fitness trainer;
  • Organizer extra-curricula work;
  • Instructor-methodologist for physical culture and sports;
  • Instructor-methodologist for sports at school;
  • Instructor Methodologist for training facilities (Gym);
  • Athlete instructor;
  • Instructor for organizational work;
  • Instructor at training center;
  • Health Educational Instructor;
  • Sports Club Director;
  • Laboratory Chief;
  • Sports facilities Chief;
  • Chief Campus (educational, health);
  • Massage Therapist
  • Instructor for health and sports tourism.


035 Philology (Specialization 035.04 Germanic Languages and Literatures. Translation included)

The rapid development of international relations maintained by the construction enterprises and the oil-and-gas complex of Ukraine, and Poltava region in particular, requires highly skilled professionals able to provide bilingual interpretation and translation in a variety of situations, concerning the production activities.


Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University possesses necessary human resources and research potential and facilities for translators’ training in the field of scientific and technical translation, particularly in the oil-and-gas and construction industries. The program, developed for training linguists at PoltNTU, is more adapted to the needs of the region compared to those used by other regional universities. The program, in particular, takes into consideration development of the oil-and-gas and construction industries. This specificity distinguishes PoltNTU from other universities that are already engaged in training philologists.

Bachelor of Philology participates in written and oral communication and provides information in various sectors of the economy, science, technology, education, culture through translation of texts from foreign languages into the national one and vice versa. The Education Level of Bachelor (professional field Translation) is the basis for further training for Master's Degree educational level. 

Main places of employment, where you can work after graduation:

Can occupy different positions at the enterprises and organizations of various ownership forms. 

Positions, which you can occupy after graduation:

  • Specialist Translator at Public and Private Institutions
  • Translator of Scientific and Technical Literature
  • Translator of Business Literature
  • Interpreter
  • Guide-Interpreter
  • Editor-Translator
  • Computational Linguist
  • Consulting Translator


Students of the faculty have the opportunity to study disciplines taught in a foreign language, including: fundamentals of simultaneous translation, literary history of English-speaking countries, foundations of editing translations, information systems and technology in translation work, oral sequential bilingual translation, translation problems of scientific and technical literature, bilingual translation texts of different genres, comparative lexicology of English and Ukrainian languages, comparative stylistics of English and Ukrainian languages, history of English, literary history of the second foreign language, history of translation, and the basic theory of verbal communication.


Not available 

Students live in comfortable hostels compactly located near academic buildings in the green zone. There is a snack bar, health center, library, playground with artificial turf, wi-fi zone, laundry, and two gyms on the campus.

Faculty students government operates to ensure students perform their duties, to protect their rights, to promote the harmonious development of the individual student, to assist the formation of future organizational skills, and to act in a supervisory capacity.

The main objectives of the student government are: to ensure and protect the rights and interests of students; students enforcement duties; promoting the education, research and creative activity of students; creating the necessary conditions for living and leisure of students, various student clubs, societies, associations, and clubs.

More detailed information concerning specialties you can obtain contacting us

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