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The date of foundation of the scientific school «Bases and Foundations» of the Poltava National Technical University is considered to be 1958, when Professor Platonov E.V. was selected for competition at the head of the Department of Technology, Organization and Economy of Construction, Bases and Foundations of Poltava Institute of Agricultural Engineers Construction.

In 1962, the department opened a postgraduate course «Bases and Foundations». Of course, its subject matter was initially associated with the practical issues of construction production. At that time created creative team, which included scientists of the All-Union Research Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology Moscow city led by Ph.D., senior researcher Razoronova Vadima Fedorovicha; Mozhaysky Air Force Academy St. Petersburg city led by Ph.D. Eyzlera Petra Ilyicha and Poltava Civil Engineering Institute led by Professor Platonov E.V. At the commission of Ministry of Defence of the USSR his group in the period from 1962 to 1966 worked on the research and development topic «The passage of wheeled and tracked vehicles on impassability». As a result of these studies has been designed collaborative method for testing soil penetration and rotary cut, which was implemented in the defense and space industries. This method determined the probability of passing military vehicles on impassability and researched the soils Moon surface and other cosmic bodies.

Later, the department staff as part of the university conducted research and implementation their projects in the construction of the Kremenchug refinery, Pivnichnokrymskoho, Karakum, Kakhovsky main channels; KAMAZ plant (Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia), Poltava Mining (Komsomolsk city) and the Ministry of Construction in systems USSR, Mizhkolhospbud and Silbud USSR. In independent Ukraine members of the department conduct research in different regions, most of them in the Poltava region. Department staff taking part in the drafting regulatory documents for design and construction of bases and foundations of buildings.

In 1992 teachers of the department was published a textbooks on Engineering Geology, Soil Mechanics, The Basis and Foundation that has already 4 edition, 2004, 2012, 2014 years, and these are the main textbooks in Ukraine for training professional in the specialty «Construction».

Science Topics in the direction Geotechnics:

1. Theoretical and experimental investigations of soil mass using finite elements method based on theoretical solutions of nonlinear soil mechanics.

2. Elaboration and Implementation of new methods for the study of physical and mechanical rock characteristics.

3. Monitoring of landslide-prone slopes of the valley plains of Ukraine and their stabilization.

4. Investigation rock characteristics in the organization drilling wells.

5. Hydrogeological factors flooded areas.

6. Effective basics and foundations of Ukraine.

From the 60s of the last century Poltava region with Kharkiv, Sumy and Chernihiv regions are the centers of oil and gas production in Ukraine. Today it produces 80% of the hydrocarbons. This was the reason that in 2000 in Poltava State (now National) Technical Yuriy Kondratyuk University opened a specialty «Oil and Gas Production». From early 2003 this profession transferred to the Department of Bases and Foundations after which it got its name of Department of Oil and Gas Production and Geotechnics. Over the years it has been prepared more than 1000 professionals in specialty «Oil and Gas Production», who work in the oil and gas enterprises of Ukraine as well as abroad in companies of different countries - Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Norway, Kuwait, USA, Canada, UK, Iran, Algeria, Tunisia, Syria and others.

Research in the direction of Oil and Gas Business conducted by the following topics:

1. Research and industrial acceptance of magnetic anti-paraffin devices (MAD).

2. Scientific accompaniment industrial-production testing of new highly hydrophobic reagent in system «Ukrnafta».

3. Gas hydrate technologies in gas-industrial complex of Ukraine.

On this subject the department prepared five Candidate's dissertations and one Doctoral thesis. Nowadays defended one candidate and one doctoral thesis.

Basis of a qualitative training in the chosen specialty is a combination of teachers academic experience with extensive staff production experience in Poltava companies: JSC «Poltavtrasbud», SС «Miskbudproekt», Ltd. «Fundamentbud 3» (Poltava city), JSC NPO «REMBUD» (Dnipropetrovsk city), GPD «Poltavagasvydobuvannya», OGPD «Poltavanaftogas», SС «Ukrnaukaheotsentr», «Burova Tehnika» (Poltava city) and others, which involved in the educational process.

Head of Chair of Oil and Gas Production and Geotechnics, Doctor of Engineering, Professor Zotsenko Mykola

Professor, Doctor of Engineering, Vynnykov Yuriy
Professor, Ph.D., Bida Sergiy
Docent, Ph.D., Nalyvaiko Oleksandr
Docent, Ph.D., Bandurina Olena
Docent, Ph.D., Ermakova Inna
Docent, Ph.D., Granko Olena
Docent, Ph.D., Voskobiynyk Sergiy

Docent, Ph.D., Miroshnychenko Irina

Senior Teacher, Ph.D., Kostochka Natalia
Senior Teacher Manhura Andriy
  Docent Zimin Oleg
  Senior Teacher Melnikov Oleksandr
  Senior Teacher Voyenchuk Mykola
  Docent, Ph.D., Kharchenko Maksym
  Docent, Ph.D., Lartseva Iryna
  Docent, Ph.D., Rubel Viktoriya
  Docent, Ph.D., Petruniak Maryna
  Senior Teacher, Ph.D.,  Vedenisov Andriy
  Senior Teacher Gutak Anatolii
  Docent, Ph.D., Petrash Ruslan
  Docent, Ph.D., Yagolnik Andriy
  Docent, Ph.D., Pedchenko Mykhaylo
  Docent, Ph.D., Nesterenko Tetiana
  Senior Teacher, Ph.D., Marchenko Valentyn
  Senior Teacher, Ph.D., Lopan Ruslan
Assistant Kuts Olga
Assistant Laziebna (Yakymenko) Julia
  Assistant Vovk (Korniyenko) Maryna
  Assistant Liashenko Anna

Senior Teacher Pedchenko Larysa

Docent, Ph.D  Voskobiynyk Pavlo
Assistant Ivanchenko Volodymyr
Assistant Tymofieieva Katerina
Docent, Ph.D  Petrash Oleksandr

Branch of knowledge

Training direction

10 Natural sciences

103 Sciences about Earth

18 Manufacturing and technology

185 Oil-Gas case

Specialization: Oil and gas extraction

19 Architecture and construction

192 Building and civil engineering.

Research work of the department is an integral part of research university and aims to ensure the educational process.

Assumed wide range of tasks, including:

- The development of partnerships, joint research with representatives of both academic institutions and practitioners;

- Providing scientific guidance and counseling graduate students and doctoral candidates leading teachers of the department;

- Improving the efficiency of research;

- Increase participation of students in research work;

- Of promoting research and development department in the educational process;

- Revitalization of scientists of the department of organizing and holding scientific and scientific-methodical conferences.


Head: Prof. Mykola Zotcenko, D.Sc., Geotechnics

36011, Poltava Pershotravneva Ave., 24

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University

Geotechnics Department

Scientific Research and Technology Offer

Geotechnics Department is offering a wide range of scientific and research work opportunities in practically all areas connected with buildings basis and foundations:

Physical and mechanical properties of soil basis improving investigation with help of laboratory and field tests (penetration, rotational sliding, pressuremeter, three-axis compression device, stamp tests, etc.).

Modern methodic of the establishing connection between physical and mechanical properties of soil, its introduction in geotechnical accompanied during the artificial bases erection.

Development and implementation in geotechnical practice some kinds of efficient foundations and artificial bases, which arranged without soil excavation: small pyramidal piles, cast-in-situ piles in the punched holes, root piles etc.

Investigation of the soil (sand) embankments, development of modern design methods of the artificial bases deep and surface compaction.

Development, research and implementation in geotechnical practice structural elements of bases and foundations, which are produced from soil-cement by boring-mixing technology (forcing of a soft soil massifs, soil-cement piles, deep excavation and sliding slopes fixing). Design and calculation methodic improving.


Improving of the design system “soil base ­– foundation – above ground construction” with accounting of the loads and soil basis stochastic nature (probabilistic methods), modern soil numerical models implementation in design practice. For such investigation we are using world known soft and develop our own programs (Prize Pile).

We are improving forcing methods of the soil bases and foundations of in difficult geotechnical conditions during its reconstruction. Improvement of respective design methods are also investigated.

Studying of landslides and development of preventive measures.

Should be noted, that our specialists have large experience of the engineering consulting. Our purpose is solution of different geotechnical problems, which aren’t regulated in the Codes and may occur at various stages of design, construction and building operation. Operational reliability preservation, suitability of buildings,  which are bordering with the site of the new building, regulation of the area hydrogeological regime. Such researches developed in the form of the “Geotechnical monitoring” of the most complicated buildings and constructions. For example, starting 2014 for those days we are monitoring “The complex of public and residential purposes buildings Lukianovka”, with help of modern soft and laboratory facilities of Scientific Research Department.

We have experience of the partnership with international companies, such us Arricano Group, Luxembourg (http://arricano.com/ru/), Conisbee, London, Great Briatain http://www.conisbee.co.uk/, Project industry, Kiev, Ukraine http://www.pi-company.com.ua/portfolio/trts-lukjanovka-g-kiev and many others.

So, we are glad to have partnership with Your Institution in different areas of Geotechnical science.

Contact information:

Prof. Yuri Vynnykov, D.Sc., Geotechnics

36011, Poltava Pershotravneva Ave., 24

e-mail: vynnykov@yandex.ua




Department Oil and Gas Production and Geotechnics is working with Chinese oil university (m. Beijing, China) in 2012.Implemented training students field of study "Oil and gas business". Together with scientists from the Chinese University of oil studies, the results published in scientific journals of international importance that are scientometric databases.
Leading scientists of the University, namely, Department of Oil and Gas Production and Geotechnics participate in editorial boards of foreign scientific editions of Kazakhstan and Poland.
These include:

- "Mechanics and Technology" Tarazskoho State Univ them. MH Dulati / Kazakhstan - PoltNTU is representative of Vynnykov Y.L.

- Collection of scientific articles «Energy, Energy Saving and Rational Nature Use».

- Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom, Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University.

- Radom, Poland. (Int. Scientometric base Index Copernicus) - representatives of the department is Zotsenko M.L. and Vynnykov Yu.L.

The need for highly-qualified personnel in various sectors of the economy today is quite relevant. The demand in the labor market of Poltava region and Ukraine in general, are specialists in the construction and oil industries.

  Department of Oil and Gas Production and Geotechnics trains specialists in three specialties: «Oil-Gas case», «Construction», «Oil and Gas Geology».

  As a part of these specialties providesenhanced training of specialists in directions of Oil and Gas Engineering, Construction and Geology. Training of specialists is carried out on a two-tier system of education: Bachelor and Master. The department also trains specialists from among graduates of secondary specialized educational institutions of Oil and Gas profile on a training that recognises prior learning and retraining engineering personnel obtain a  second diploma.

  The main vocational subjects that taught lecturers are: Geological Engineering, Soil Mechanics, Bases and Foundations, Constructions, Fundamentals of oil and gas business, Petrophysics, Development of Oil and Gas Fields, Oil and Gas Wells Operation, Collection Products of Oil and Gas Wells, Petroleum Geology.

Training  professionals in specialties «Construction», «Oil and Gas Business» and «Oil and Gas Geology» is carried out by academic levels:

- Bachelor can get a post and work under the guidance of the master, and if specialist have practical experience it can work independently;

- Master has full professional training for independent work in the chosen specialty, masters can be focused on the research and teaching activities; or to work in the factory. After receiving the educational qualification level Master may continue their education in postgraduate school.

Department of oil and gas exploitation and geotechnics  carries out training of international students in the specialty "Oil and Gas case" and "Building and civil engineering."We have students from Turkmenistan, Angola, Algeria, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Syria, Tunisia, Morocco and others. Teaching these students is in English, develop training complexes relevant disciplines and issued textbooks.

Department "Oil and gas and geotechnics" provides its students not only teaching quality and logistics, but also very interesting and useful for the overall development of entertainment.
Students are offered a variety of excursions aimed at mastering the material obtained, as well as various other topics.

Every year invited to participate in student Olympiad.

Also for international studentscarried events devoted to learn the Ukrainian culture and traditions.

Head: Prof. Mykola Zotcenko, D.Sc., Geotechnics

36011, Poltava Pershotravneva Ave., 24

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Prof. Yuri Vynnykov, D.Sc., Geotechnics



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