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The department provides teaching of physics within all technical faculties of both full-time and extramural forms of training. Studying the general physics course students receive the notion of contemporary scientifically-based and diverse picture of the surrounding world. Moreover, the lectures are held by the specialists who have scientific degrees of at least candidate of science. The curriculum includes all chapters of contemporary physics: classic and relativistic mechanics, molecular physics and thermodynamics, electromagnetism, mechanical and electrical vibration and waves, wave and quantum optics, atomic and nuclear physics, solid-state physics. During the laboratory session each student can work with modern equipment individually in order to obtain necessary practical skills.

The department of physics was founded in 1930. It has provided teaching of physics as one of the fundamental subjects in the field of civil engineers preparation since then. In 1988 the department was combined with the department of electrical technology. The united formation had existed until 1992. After the separation since 1992 and till the present time the department of physics provides teaching of physics for the students of all engineering specialties of the university. The teaching staff has always carried out intensive research activities. During the last 30 years one doctoral thesis and five candidate theses have been defended by the teachers of the department.

The first head of the chair was senior teacher V. Kotov-Konoshenko. Then this position were occupied by E. Suprun, S. Konovalov, V. Sinitsyn, V. Yudin, R. Lebedev, M. Lysenko, V. Hodurskiy, V. Yakubenko, V. Soloviov.

 At the present time the department is headed by the doctor of Chemical Sciences professor V. Soloviov.

Head of Department of Physics: Soloviev V. - PhD, Dr. Sci. (Chemical Sciences), Professor, Laureate of the State Prizes of Ukraine in Science and Technology.


Professional and teaching staff of the department:


Soloviev V. – PhD, Dr. Sci. (Chemical Sciences), Professor;

Davydenko L. – PhD (Chemical Sciences), Associate Professor;

Solyanyk L. – PhD (Chemical Sciences), Associate Professor;

Kuznetsova T. – PhD (Chemical Sciences), Associate Professor;

Petrovskyi O. – PhD (Technical Sciences), Associate Professor;

Kurys Yu.– Assistant.

The department provides teaching physics course for all majors and technical direction full-time and correspondence courses.

Over the last 3 years, scientists of the Department of Physics have published 84 scientific publications (60 of them are articles, 15 are published in foreign publications, 14 of which have been published in Scopus and Web of Science).

Scientific subject area of the department is diverse, however, the main direction which is headed by V. Soloviov, deals with the modeling of physical-chemical properties of condensed environment, in particular, ionic melts by the force of studying the nature and reasons of the interaction of particles of melts. The implementation of the results of theoretical studies has allowed solving quite a number of urgent problems which are the base of scientific technologies of production of nano-substances with reassigned properties and some medical problems.

 Principal scientific achievements of the department:

- Creation of the microscopic theory of the formation of electrochemical active complexes and many-electron processes of reduction in ionic melts (V. Soloviov in collaboration with the corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine V. Shapoval);

- Developing of the fundamental principle of cationic analysis (L.Chernenko, E. Boot, V. Soloviov, V. Shapoval);

- Researching of the implementation of obtained scientific results up to practical receiving of new nano-substances with preassigned properties thanks to the application of the principle of cationic catalysis, usage of the means of chemical physics for the solution of urgent problems of medicine by force of studying of the antioxidant properties of melatonin and glutathione during the interaction with free radicals OH*, O2- (V. Soloviov , T. Kuznetsova).

The department has been carrying out scientific researches according to the subject area which has been funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine at the expense of state budget under the leadership of professor V.Soloviov. The subject areas are following: “The researching of many-electron processes of electroreduction of carbonate-nitrate-containing melts and the melts of boron and titanium fluorides” №019U034881, 1993-1995, “The studying of the formation mechanism of electro-chemically active particles and many-electron electrochemical processes in the ionic tungsten and molybdate-containing melts” (№0102U001307, 2002-2003), “The influence of electric field and electrode surface on the reactivity of electrically active particles in ionic melts” (№0104U000317, 2004-2006) “The influence of the electron transport on the directivity of the mechanism of heterogeneous reactions in ionic melts during the synthesis of nano-materials” (№70/070107U000939, 2007-2009), “The influence of the electron transport on the directivity of the mechanism of heterogeneous reactions during the synthesis of nano-materials in niobium-containing melt” (0110U002258, 2010-2012).

Admission for postgraduate course in the field of “Physical chemistry” has been opened since 2002. Under the leadership of the professor V.Soloviov the post graduate course has been completed by L.Chernenko, E.F. Boot, T.Kuznetsova who have been continuing the scientific researches of their mentor. Due to these researches 3 Candidate’s dissertations have been defended (by L.Davydenko, L.Chernrnko and E.Boot; the Candidate’s dissertation of T.Kuznetsova has been accepted for defense).

Within the agreement about international collaboration the cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences has been realized. Due to the results of the collaboration more than 20 scientific articles have been published in leading scientific magazines (including the impact-factor).

Based on the agreement about collaboration between the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Poltava national technical university the department of physics negotiated a treaty about scientific collaboration with Institute Of General And Inorganic Chemistry named after V. Vernadskiy (Kiev, since 2009) and with Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry (Kiev, since 2009).

Head of the department is a member of the Scientific Council "Electrochemistry" and "Inorganic Chemistry" National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

In 2015 the agreement about scientific collaboration between Higher State Educational Institution of Ukraine “Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy” and Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University has been realized. Under this agreement the department performes research work "The role of reactive oxygen species, nitric oxide system and transcription factors in the pathological mechanisms of system genesis (№0114U004941, 2005 – 2015).

During the last 10 years 3 monograph, more than 210 articles (including the articles with impact-factor) in leading foreign and national scientific magazines, more than 10 tutorials have been published, more than 20 patents for inventions have been received.

Students take part in the second round of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Physics every year and they are actively engaged in scientific work with the teachers of the department. In particular, the scientific work of the student of the 201-TT group Romanec M.P "Investigation of the influence of ion wind and ultraviolet radiation on biological objects" (the leader is Ph.D Petrovskii O.M.) was awarded a diploma for the original report at the competition of scientific works at NTUU KPI in 2017.

Since 2014 the department provides teaching Physics in English. Responsible for working with foreign students, senior lecturer Kurys Yu.O., has been awarded in the First Certificate in English (Level B2).


Department of Physics is located in the corpus "P" in the audience 104aP.

Mailing address: 36011, Poltava, Pervomayskiy Prospekt, 24.

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