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Preparation of specialists of oil and gas profile in Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University began in 1994. A prerequisite for this was the geographical location of Poltava, located in the center of the North-Eastern region of Ukraine, which is now produced, transported and processed to 80% of oil and gas throughout the country. Here is are the leading exploration, drilling, mining, shipping and processing enterprises, energy and environmental focus that constantly require qualified personnel. It is these directions of preparation of specialists combined in new faculty - Faculty of Oil and Gas and Natural engineering, which was created in 2012.

The main goal of the faculty is to provide effective management of the educational work of departments of the faculty, participation in research and educational activities, establishment and operation a unified corporate information management system at the faculty level, the implementation of basic and supplementary education programs.

The main objectives of the faculty is the organization of the educational process to provide quality system knowledge, capabilities study and analysis of the best domestic and of foreign experience in a system fuel - energy complex and management of oil and gas, energy, processing companies, the solution of environmental problems and the preparation modern specialists in the relevant areas.

Dean of Oil, Gas and Nature Engineering Faculty Dr. Sc, professor PhD (in Technology), Associate Professor

Matvienko Andriy Mykhailovych

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Deputy of dean – Ph.D., associate professor,

Savyk Vasyl

Deputy of dean – Ph.D., associate professor

Kalyuzhnyy Anatoliy


 Address: Avenue Pershotravnevyi, 24, block F, r.121, 122, 123.

Tel. 7-38-57

1. Extraction of oil, gas and geotechnics

2. Equipment of oil and gas fields

3. Physics

4. Chemistry

5. Ecology

6. Heat gas supply, ventilation and heating

The list of faculty specialties OG and I (accordingly to the license from 06/05/2015)


Branch of knowledge

Training direction

10 Natural Sciences

101 Ecology

103 Sciences about Earth

14 Electrical engineering

144 Heat power engineering

18 Manufacturing and technology

185 Oil-Gas case2 specialization:

Oil and gas fields equipment

Oil and gas extraction

183 Environmental protection technology

184  Mining

19 Architecture and construction

192 Building and civil engineering. Specialization:

Heat gas suppling and ventilation


Is carried out teaching on english lecture course "Bases of oil and gas case" (lecturer Nesterenko Tetiana) for the first year foreign students.


Country - the partner

The institution - partner

The theme


The document under which the collaboration, its duration

The practical results of cooperation


Technology and Humanities University, Radom (Poland)

Scientific cooperation

The agreement on bilateral cooperation (2014.).

The package of documents for a double degree program implementation and practice

Published two joint collection of scientific works «Energy, energy saving and rational nature use», Radom (Poland)


Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University provides it’s nonresident and foreign students hostels that are near the campus of the educational establishment. Students of Oil-Gas and Nature Managment live in a hostel №1 and №5. In hostels work throughput system, security guards. Representatives of the faculty departments duty by the schedule.

Dedication first-year students of the Faculty of Oil, Gas and Nature engineering in students of PoltNTU


Traditionally the Day of workers of oil, gas and petrochemical industry celebrated the second Sunday of September. On the eve of celebrations PoltNTU was ceremonial dedication first year student’s faculty of oil and gas and nature engineering in students.


Today, graduates of oil and gas and nature engineering PoltNTU providing energy security of our country, are at the leading oil and gas companies. To date, the oil and gas industry for the economy of Ukraine has prepared more than 1000 specialists.


Now the PoltNTU acting training and production center PoltNTU gas production based on management 'Poltavagasdobucha "subsidiary undertaking" Ukrgasdobycha "National Joint Stock Company" Naftogaz of Ukraine". Such cooperation ensures the production PoltNTU organizing the educational process combination of practical activities, joint development, execution and implementation of scientific, technical and engineering works that deepen practical training for students PoltNTU oil and gas sector.


Students of the Faculty traditionally prepared interesting concert program.




According to a good tradition faculty first year student’s were devoted to the oil workers genuine oil extracted in Poltava.



The participation of students of oil and gas and nature engineering in a scientific exhibition (Piknik naukowy) in Radom (Poland).

Students of OGNE with Dean Professor Pavlenko A.M.


Students of specialty "Heat power engineering" in the installation of solar panels


In 2014 between of Technology - Humanitarian University of Casimir Pulaski (UTH m. Radom) and Poltava National Technical University signed a long-term agreement on scientific and academic cooperation in the areas of "Heat power engineering" and "Heat, gas supply and ventilation". According to this agreement, students of the heat power directly for 2014/2015 academic year were invited to UTH m. Radom for practical training, and recently - to participate in a scientific exhibition «Piknik naukowy».

In the pavilion alternative energy represented a new development department Heat, ventilation and heat power engineering


The purpose of this event was to approach students and teaching science in our schools, and the formation of joint research projects in the long term. One result of this cooperation is the joint publication of scientific publications in the of Technology - Humanitarian University of Casimir Pulaski, where scientists publish their work faculty of oil and gas and Nature engineering, UTH s. Radom and other educational and scientific institutions in Poland, Bosnia-Herzegovina.


In the the pavilion Technical Thermal Physics


The result of student cooperation is the joint development of solar collectors and panels in the departments Heat and gas supply, ventilation and heat power engineering PoltNTU and renewable energy UTH m. Radom.

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