Любіть Україну у сні й наяву,
Вишневу свою Україну,
Красу її, вічно живу і нову,
І мову її солов'їну.
В. Сосюра


Date of birth





Kostyantyn Repalo


President of parliament

6 -EMba



Alena Shtanova






Iryna Irshko






Ruslan Toyster






Stanislav Pomagaibo






Oles Lychnyi






Evgen Bashmakov






Roman Bazaliy






Bogdan Shebedyuk






Student self-government structure

Primary trade union organization of PoltNTU students and postgraduates

Trade union organization of students is an independent, nonprofit organization that unites students on a voluntary basis for establishment, implementation and protection of educational, social and economic rights and interests of its members. Our organization is part of the Trade Union of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Association of human rights organizers of Ukraine students.

Trade union organization provides assistance and expert advice for scholarship support, accommodation in student hostel, education, health, sports and entertainment.

The management organization carried out by the trade union committee, which includes representatives from all the faculties.

Main activities:

- Protection of the rights and representation of students;

- Participation in calculating or termination of scholarships;

- Taking measures for timely payment of scholarships, to avoid its debt;

- Control of expulsion orders of students from the university;

- Participation in shaping the settlement lists hostel students to check and control the students;

- Free legal advice on the rights and interests of union members;

- Help and support to disadvantaged students, students with orphans, Chernobyl and disabled, student families;

- Providing vouchers for improvement in sport camp “Vorskla”;

- Providing vouchers for health improvement in the “Student sanatorium of PoltNTU”;

- Organization and holding of sports competitions;

- Execution of international student identity card ISIC;

- Organizing artistic, cultural and educational events (competitions, concerts, theater performances, faculty days, etc.);

- Work with improvement of living conditions in dormitories;

- Encouraging students and doctoral students for success in studying and research activities.

Staff 2014-2015



Date of birth




Dmytro Zadvorkin


Chairman of Trade union committee of PoltNTU students and postgraduates



Olena Efimenko


Deputy chairman of Trade union committee of PoltNTU students and postgraduates



Olexandr Drobotya


Trade union leader of civil engineering faculty 



Stanislav Izotov


Trade union leader of electro engineering faculty



Sergiy Rudenko


Trade union leader of information and telecommunication technologies and systems faculty



Olga Bondarevska


Trade union leader of finance and economics faculty



Olena Pryhozha


Trade union leader of humanities faculty



Julia Mushiy


Trade union leader of architecture faculty



Vladlena Perepelytsya


Trade union leader of management and business faculty



Julia Komleva


Trade union leader of oil, gas and nature management faculty





What is ISIC?

 The international student identity card ISIC is the only officially recognized in over 110 countries identity of the student.

Why do you need ISIC?

ISIC card provides you the same rights as local students, it is also a discount card, which provides discounts from 5% to 95% on accommodation in hotels, hostels (dormitory typed hotels) when buying air tickets and tickets for ground transportation, when visiting museums, theaters, cinemas, exhibitions, leisure clubs, cafes, restaurants, the acquisition of goods in the shops, for insurance and much more.

ISIC card it's a lifestyle.

ISIC card clock access to free emergency line +44 20 8666 9205

It’s preferential access to international telecommunications systems. ISIConect reduced rates, sales to 70% on international calls, free e-mail, voice mail, electronic safe.

ISIC cardholders can become pupils from 12 years old, students and full-time higher education postgraduates.

To obtain ISIC cards you must apply to trade union of students and postgraduates of PoltNTU. We are in the room 205 of central building. We work from Monday to Friday from 9-00 to 17-00.


 The package of documents:

• photo sized 3x4;

• copy of passport;

• copy of student card;

Cost of ISIC is 100 grivnas.



What is IYTC?

International Youth card (youth traveler), which is recognized as identification document in 110 countries.

Why do toy need IYTC card?

The card offers discounts in more than 110 countries for purchasing of railway and air tickets; traveling by bus and ferry; accommodation in hotels, hostels (dormitory typed hotels); visiting museums, theaters, cinemas, exhibitions; leisure clubs, cafes and restaurants; purchasing of goods in shops, insurance, etc.

IYTC card clock access to free emergency line +44 20 8666 9205

It’s preferential access to international telecommunications systems. ISIConect reduced rates, sales to 70% on international calls, free e-mail, voice mail, electronic safe.

IYTC cardholder can be a person aged from 12 to 26 years old.

For registration of IYTC cards you must apply to trade union of students and postgraduates of PoltNTU. We are in the room 205 of central building. We work from Monday to Friday from 9-00 to 17-00.



What is TEACHER?

TEACHER (ITIC) is International identity of the teacher that confirms his professional status.

Why do you need a TEACHER?

TEACHER (ITIC) is the key to a broader set of benefits and discounts in Ukraine and abroad. This is discount for airline tickets, city buses and railways abroad, accommodation in hotels, hostels, visiting museums, theaters, cinemas and exhibitions.

TEACHER card access the free clock line of emergency care. It’s preferential access to international telecommunications systems of ISIConect. 0% commission for currency exchange and the use of travel checks in special items of Travelex counter.

TEACHER cardholders can become teachers, academic staff, professors, lecturers, associate professrs which are officially registered in the state educational institutions.

For registration of TEACHER (ITIC) cards you must apply to trade union of students and postgraduates of PoltNTU. We are in the room 205 of central building. We work from Monday to Friday from 9-00 to 17-00. 

Sport camp “Vorskla”

Sport camp “Vorskla” is a student camp, which during the summer is subordinate to the trade union committee of students and postgraduates of PoltNTU. “Vorskla” is located in a picturesque corner of Poltava, on the bank of the river Vorskla in the coniferous forest. It kept the tradition for over 50 years. In 1960 there was the first arrival to the camp, where the rest had students and academic and educational staff of the university.

At the “Vorskla” there are brick and wooden houses for living room, dining room, shower and restroom booth, dance floor disco, sports grounds for volleyball, basketball and football.

Student’s entertainment held actively. Students play sports, attend various master classes and discos and carry outs on the river, etc.

The trade union committee does all the conditions for the best vacation of our students and university staff. So we invite you to rest in our camp! For more information, contact the trade union committee of students and postgraduates of PoltNTU, located in 205 room of the central building.

PoltNTU student self-government has worked for 15 years and this year student parliament of university celebrates its anniversary.

During 2014 the student parliament of PoltNTU work was carried out to improve the public activity of university students by conducting student’s activities.

Dynamics of the number of PoltNTU student self-government events

for the years 2012-2014

Healthy lifestyle

In 2014 for the implementation of this area of work, a series of measures, chief among which are: university championship in bowling, football tournaments, dancing flash mobs. Also, our students both with administration this year actively participated in the winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing.


Students meetings

University administration organized the meeting respected and highly esteemed guests with student leaders and activists of the student government of PoltNTU. In particular, in 2014 PoltNTU activists met with Counselor of the Embassy of Canada in Ukraine Clint Martin. During the visit the guest got acquainted with the institution, met with the leaders and students to discuss international economic relations.


Campus life

At the initiative of Student's dormitories and to increase patriotic awareness of students on the campus was opened wall depicting the national flag and emblem.

During October and November took place tournament on mini-football teams of residents of hostels.


Participation in major national events

Supporting our honorary title of benefactor, the student self-government distributes among the students of our university the main principles of morality and charity. To this end, during the school year were repeatedly organized and held charity concerts, flash mobs, actions “Ice Bucket challenge”, etc.


Newly created projects

Supported by the University administration, by decision of the Academic Board under student control of student parliament and trade union committee of students and post-graduates was transferred to sport camp “Vorskla”. Forces students and the administration was a partial restoration, and this summer was the first English-language summer school camp, where students can immerse themselves in PoltNTU in English-speaking environment, developing their communication skills in a foreign language and to relax in nature where learning complexes with excellent training, contests and sports competitions. This project is unique and has no analogues.

In order to improve the collective consciousness of student and academic staff, and to study from the experience of the foreign partner universities (Europe and Canada), there was developed a line of clothing with symbols of the university. Now every student and university staff has the opportunity during the week or if desired at events of different levels so present your educational institution, which also has a vocational function

Students of our university are tireless and always full of energy and desire something new. For them, by the decision of the student parliament was created PoltNTU student recreation center, which in turn was the first art space in Poltava, “Time for students”. Leader of the project is head of the electro engineering faculty Oles Luchnyi and head of the oil, gas and nature management Mykola Ganyushkin. It is the student movement and call to action. And this call was heard by students, and the university administration. For the TFS activity was allocated a room at the sanatorium-dispensary of PoltNTU. By own forces the students made furniture for the room and perform light cosmetic repairs. Regular holding of film shows in the open now moved to a warm room, club intellectual game “Mafia” and Sports Poker League also found themselves in the walls of student recreation center. To maintain the purity of the environment, activists of TFS creatively painted trash cans on campus to motivate youth to preserve the purity of our city. Theme parties and a grand party to an international student day, that's all, and many interesting things going on within the walls of student recreation center. On behalf of the PoltNTU students we thank the administration and personally University Rector Volodymyr Onyshchenko for continued help and support.


Constructive dialogue with the administration

An example of maintaining the dialogue between the administration and the students there were visiting by the Rector of the University the student self-government meetings, communicating with students on important topics and keeping abreast of student life. To improve the efficiency of the government, there was given audience and reconstructed 214-L room “Faculty board’s hall” for the extended meeting of PoltNTU activists.

The results of the government of the University marked at the national level through active cooperation between the student parliament and administration.


Our victories

Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University through the active work of the students for 4 years gathers the largest number of charitable funds in the charity ball of the student “To help is so easy”. In the competition of scientific works “From student government to government communities” our students got second place. As part of the regional competition “Our united student family” PoltNTU students won in the categories: Best Student researcher is a student of oil, gas and nature management Mykola Ganyushkin, Best Student creative person is a student of architecture faculty Olexandra Volakova, best student athlete is a student of information and telecommunications technologies and systems Kseniya Bezugla, public figure and Best Student is a student of the faculty of management and business Kostyantyn Repalo.

Administration of Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University always celebrates and encourages students to new victories and achievements.

Only this year students were awarded in excess of 690 thousand grivnas.

Student self-government at the University assigned a key role in the organization of leisure of students entitled to actually participate in the management of the educational process, create the conditions for self-realization of each student, the creative, scientific or leader abilities.

Bowling university tournament

Football tournaments


Winter kinds of sport


Students meetings


Patriotic corner of university campus

Mini-football tournament among residents of hostels

Charity concerts


Ice Bucket Challenge of PoltNTU students

Ice Bucket Challenge of PoltNTU administration

Sport camp “Vorskla"


Student art centre
“Time for students”


PoltNTU is brand

Small hall of faculties Academic Boards and student self-government

Our victories

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