Любіть Україну у сні й наяву,
Вишневу свою Україну,
Красу її, вічно живу і нову,
І мову її солов'їну.
В. Сосюра

The history of the Scientific and Technical Library of Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University goes back to 1930 when the Poltava Agricultural Institute was founded. Preserving famous university traditions, the Scientific and Technical Library introduces new library and information technologies, accumulates scientific and educational fund of documents, witch reflects modern condition of scientific knowledge, secures information support in scientific and educational functions and development of the university.

Fulfilling information function, the Scientific and Technical Library becomes the important source of information about world processes in scientific and information fields. There is the wide spectrum of its own information sources and remote access to both print and digital formats for the users in the library. Introducing elements of hybrid library model (which provides library and information service in an automated manner, with the help of electronic means of communication and Internet) the Scientific and Technical Library provides access to socially important information and knowledge.

Fulfilling the social and cultural function, the Scientific and Technical Library furthered modern students’ spiritual development and high moral integrity. We use traditional and innovative methods in library work. There are Virtual exhibitions on the site of the library, which publicize the library funds.

The collection of print publications includes scientific, educational, reference, belles-letters and foreign literature, periodicals and unpublished documents both in print and digital format. The library fund is formed in accordance withacademic curriculum and themes of scientific researches of the university. The Scientific and Technical Library of Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University has the unique fund of rare and valuable editions. The users of the library can get information about books and new accessions of the library fund by taking advantage of the “Electronic delivery of documents” service.

The automated library and information system service provides access to both print and digital documents. The fund of electronic documents includes more then 8 000 copies.

All the Library buildings have free Wi-Fi access available to users.

In addition, users have round-the-clock access to the library resources: electronic catalog, electronic library, virtual reference service.


The site of the library provides access to full-text database:

-         Web of Science;

-         EastView;

-         Polpred.com;

-         Bud-Inform (legal and regulatory library);

-         Zodchyi ( information and referral service);

-         ІС «Leonorm-Inform;

-         LLC «Tsentr uchbovoi literatury»

-         National Academyof Arts of Ukraine MODERN ART RESEARCH INSTITUTE

-         MacmillanDictionary(online versionof modern English dictionary);

-         Paperity (the first multidisciplinary aggregator of Open Access journals and papers.);

-       The OAPEN Library (freely accessible academic books, mainly in the area of humanities and social sciences);

-         АrXiv (open access to e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Finance and Statistics );

-         Germany Today on the portal dpa-News.

Remote access to own electronic collections of the Scientific and Technical Library is constantly updated (ePNTUIR (Electronic Poltava National Technical University Institutional Repository), electronic catalog, electronic library). The remote access secures connection of process of creation and spreading of new information and has a positive impact on students` self-study.

The Scientific and Technical Library has a social media presence on Facebook.

The Scientific and Technical Library considers the perspectives of library development in the broadening of inculcation of new technologies, further integration library resources to the world information and cooperation with world and Ukrainian libraries.

The Scientific and Technical Library is the Methodical Center of Poltava regional library methodical association of higher educations III-IV levels of accreditation, it promotes the development of cooperation and interaction among libraries, promotes library importance, advertisement and organization PR:, organizes seminars and round-table discussions, scientific conferences on such pressing issues as librarianship, and presentation results of scientific and research work.

The development of the Scientific and Technical Library foresees interaction of securing of access into resources, diversifying types of services and creating comfortable conditions for users.

 “We work for you. We are open for you. Our information is your success” – is our motto.


Resources of STL:

Official site STL:    http://lib.pntu.edu.ua/

Electronic catalog:    http://lib.pntu.edu.ua/katalog/

Electronic library:    http://lib.pntu.edu.ua/?module=ellib

Institutional Repository:    http://reposit.pntu.edu.ua/

Virtual reference service:    http://lib.pntu.edu.ua/?module=vds

New Accessions:    http://lib.pntu.edu.ua/?module=articles*document_14

Сторінка у Facebook     https://www.facebook.com/ntb.poltntu/

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Admissions telephone:
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E-mail: vstup@pntu.edu.ua



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