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Cabinets of department

Teaching rooms -  013L, 010L

Educational cabinet -  011L

Educational laboratory -  05L

Telephone:(05322) 2-99-30





Till 1960 it was only one Department of Building Structures at the Institute. A considerable role in foundation of that Department was played by the Kharkiv scientists of Prof. Ya.V. Stolyarov and Assoc. Prof. G.G. Lukin, and also Prof. К.М. Kupinskiy and Dr.Sc., Prof. M.S. Toryanyk.


In 1960 the Department of Building Structures was divided into three departments: Department of reinforce-concrete and stone constructions, Department of bases and foundations and Department of Structures from a metal, wood and plastics.


The first Chair of  the Department of Structures from a metal, wood and plastics was Ph.D., Associate Professor Brodetsky Vsevolod Oleksandrovych, that headed a department during 20 years from 1951 to 1972. From 1972 to 1976 the Department was headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor Chernyavsky Andrii Ivanovich, then from 1976 to 1987 the Department was managed by Ph.D., Associate Professor Andreyko Mykola Tymofijovych, From 1987 to 1995 the Department was headed by Dr.Sc., Professor Storogenko Leonid Ivanovich. From February, 1995 the Department was headed by Dr.Sc., Professor Pitchugin Serhij Fedorovych.

Photo 1. Members of Department at 1960-years. 


Photo 2. Members of Department at present time. 


By times of the existence the Department conducted considerable work on creation and strengthening of the scientific and technical base and scientific potential, now the department is 100% provided with teachers that have scientific degrees and ranks, including 3 Professors, Doctor of Engineering Sciences and 9 Associate Professors, 10 Candidates of Engineering Sciences.


The Department conducts employment after 35th educational disciplines on six faculties of University, conducts the course and diploma works by specialty "Industrial and civil building". In 1996 first in Ukraine on the base of department specialization of "Design and building of objects of gas and oil producing complex" was created.


In 2001 Department opened MA course, the postgraduate course was opened in 1987, and the institution of doctoral candidacy opened in 1997. Three scientific schools were created, more than 30 of monographs and learning aids were published in the last few years.


Department constantly gives help to building organizations of city and area in the field of the increase of reliability and operating qualities of building and structures by realization of examinations and consultations.


Department supports business and friendly connections with the family departments of other Ukrainian Universities, such as KNUBA, HDTUBA, PDABA DonNABA, ODABA, NU "Lviv Politechnika", by the institutes of NAS of Ukraine and Technical Universities of Poland and others.


Pitchugin Serhij Fedorovych

Chair of KMDP department, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Academician of Academy of building of Ukraine, Laureate of the State bonus of Ukraine from a scitech, Deserved worker of the Poltava National Technical University.

Scientific problems: Reliability of steel constructions; loading and influences is on load carrying structures.

Works in an University from 1974

Has over 400 scientific editions

Storogenko Leonid Ivanovych

Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Academician of Academy of building of Ukraine, Laureate of the State bonus of Ukraine from a scitech, Laureate of regional bonus of the name of I.P.Kotlyarevskogo.

Scientific problems: Development, research and design of steel-concrete composite structures.

Works in PoltNTU from 1986

Has over 600 scientific editions

Pents Volodymyr Fedorovych

Candidate of Engineering Sciences

Associate Professor of KMDP, Corresponding member of Academy of building of Ukraine.

Basic directions of scientific researches : research of guncrete structures of industrial building.

Works in PoltNTU from 1992

Published over 60 scientific works.

Trusov Hennadij Mykolayovych

Deputy of Chair of KMDP department, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor of department.

Scientific problems: Actual work of the compressed elements of steel and steel-concrete structures.

Works in PoltNTU from 1976

Has more than 50 scientific works

Ermolenko Dmytro Adolfovych

A Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor of KMDP department.

Basic directions of scientific activity are an evaluation of the deflected mode state of steel-concrete composite constructions.

Works in PoltNTU from 1998

Has more than 60 scientific works.

Chichulin Victor Petrovych

Associate Professor of KMDP, Candidate of Engineering Sciences .

Scientific problems: Reliability of building constructions; Modern types of effective steel constructions.

Works in PoltNTU from 1986.

Has over 40 scientific works and 8 inventions.

Shkirenko Serhij Victorovych

A Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor of KMDP department.

Scientific problems: the Tensely-deformed state of guncrete elements

Works in PoltNTU from 1992.

Has over 40 scientific works

Dmytrenko Andrii Oleksandrovych

A Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of KMDP department.

Scientific problems: durability of sloping cuts of reinforce-concrete elements that bend; connection nodes of the monolithic reinforce-concrete ceiling are with the columns (development of new types of nodes, experimental research and calculation) of steel-concrete. Researches of timber-works, that long time is exploited.

An author is the over 30 published works.

Gudz is Serhij Anatolijovych

Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Senior Teacher of KMDP.

Basic direction of scientific researches is a study of the tensely-deformed state of steel beams with taking into account of compatible work with non-load-bearing constructions.

Works in PoltNTU from 2008

Has 30 scientific works

A primary purpose of activity of Department is preparation of highly skilled specialists of building business after such educationally-qualifying levels:


Directions, specializations of preparation, qualifying levels


Directions of training


Qualifying levels

0502 - Management

0902 - Engineering mechanics

0922 - Electromechanics

0921 - Building

0926 - Water resources

1201 - Architecture

  1. Management of organizations
  2. Technology of mechanical engineering
  3. Lifting-transport, building, travelling reclamative machines and equipments
  4. Cars and motor-car economy
  5. Equipment of the oil and gas fields
  6. Electromechanics systems of automation and electro-occasion
  7. Technology of building constructions, wares and materials
  8. Industrial and civil building
  9. Agricultural building
  10. Design and building of objects of oil and gas production complex
  11. Municipal building and economy
  12. Highways and air fields
  13. Heat and gas supply and ventilation
  14. Water-supply and overflow-pipe
  15. Architecture of building and structures
  16. Town-design
  17. Design of architectural environment



Master's degree


A Bachelor (qualification: building bachelor) is an educationally-qualifying level of specialist, that on the basis of complete universal middle education got deep, fundamental and professionally-oriented abilities and knowledge in relation to the generalized object of labour and able to decide the typical professional tasks envisaged for corresponding positions, in certain industry of national economy. Term of studies – 4 years.


A bachelor is foremost prepared to the further receipt of complete higher education in industry of building. He can hold positions of basilar technical staff and work under the direction of Specialist or Master's degree (engineer-builder), and at presence of productive experience independently.


A Specialist (qualification: engineer-builder) is an educationally-qualifying level of specialist, that on the basis of qualification of bachelor got the special abilities and knowledge, has certain experience of their application for the decision of the difficult professional tasks envisaged for corresponding positions in certain industry of national economy. Term of studies – 5 years (1 year after the receipt of educationally-qualifying level there is a "Bachelor").


A specialist, unlike a bachelor, has complete professional preparation for independent work after the chosen speciality.


A Master's degree (qualification: master's degree from speciality engineer-builder) is an educationally-qualifying level of specialist, that on the basis of qualification of bachelor or specialist got the deep special abilities and knowledge of innovative character, has certain experience of their application and producting of new knowledge for the decision of problem professional tasks in certain industry of national economy. The marked educationally-professional program of preparation of master's degree includes the deep fundamental, humanitarian, socio-economic, pedagogical, special and research and practice preparation.  Term of studies – 1 year after the receipt of educationally-qualifying level "Bachelor".


A Master's degree has the preparation orientated mainly on scientifically-research and teaching work, but can execute all functions of Specialist. A Master's degree takes advantage in competitions on substituting for positions of research workers and teachers.


The Department is graduating department for specialization of "Design and building of objects oil and gas production".


Slogan of department: HOMINUS, DUM DOCENT, DISCUNT  (Teaching, study).


Conceptual basis of creation and activity of department is determined by the necessity of development of scientific and educational directions, highly skilled specialists of building business oriented to preparation.


The model of specialist was worked out at the Department, in that model the requirements are certain to the graduating student through next positions:


  • Professional competence (combination of theoretical knowledge and practical preparation, ability to carry out all types of professional activity, that is certain an educational standard from a profession);
  • The developed capacity is for creative approaches in the decision of professional tasks, ability to be oriented in non-standard situations and terms, analyse problems, situations, tasks, and also develop the plan of actions, readiness to realization of actions;
  • Proof, positive attitude realized, toward the profession, aspiring to the permanent personality and professional improvement;
  • Understanding of tendencies and basic directions of development of constructions from a metal, tree, plastics and steel-concrete.


Conception of activity of department is based on Conception of educational activity and Conception of quality management of educational activity of the Poltava National Technical University of preparation of specialists on directions Building, Architecture, Engineering mechanics,  Electromechanics, Water resources and Management after educationally-qualifying levels bachelor, specialist, master's degree.


Conception of activity of department envisages the decision of such main tasks:


  • reparation of highly skilled specialists of building business, able to provide the effective use of modern technologies in design, making and editing of building constructions;
  • Creation of new specialities is due to deep theoretical and practical preparation of specialists in building business and forming of the corresponding learning and methodical providing;
  • Studies of students of all faculties of ПНТУ to bases of design of load carrying building structures taking into account the features of the further use of gain knowledge and skills depending on select speciality and forming of the corresponding learning and methodical providing;
  • The permanent upgrading and degree of satisfaction is in educational services;
  • Improvement of the system and methods of teaching of disciplines;
  • Active search and development of effective technologies of studies and education;
  • Providing of unity of educational and scientific processes is in industry of design of load carrying structures from a metal, tree and plastics;
  • Conditioning for realization of necessities all who studies in intellectual, professional, cultural and moral development;
  • Training of scientific and pedagogical personnels, that differ in a high professional competence, general culture;
  • Bringing in of students is to research activity;
  • An improvement of educational process is through the use of informatively-innovative technologies and modern technical equipments of studies.


The basic spheres of activity of Department are:


  • Educational-educator activity(organizations of educational-educator process and preparation of students, bachelors, master's degrees, additional education);
  • Scientific activity(organization of process of scientific is research on pressing questions of theory and practice of design of load carrying structures, preparation of graduate students and popularization of scientific knowledge through realization of research and practice conferences, seminars and publication of scientific collections and monographs);
  • Methodical activity(preparation of textbooks, learning aids and other learning and methodical materials).

The Department has 35 educational disciplines that are studied at 6 faculties of University.


Basic disciplines that is laid out at the Department

  • "Steel structures "
  • "Wooden structures"
  • "Metrology and standardization"
  • "Building constructions"
  • "Quality of machines"
  • "Reliability of the technical systems and building"
  • “A prelude to building business"
  • "Special courses of specialization of "Design and building of objects of oil and gas production complex "
  • "Constructions of oil and gas pipelines and oil and gas storages"
  • "Design of objects of oil and gas production complex "
  • "Anticorrosive defense of constructions"
  • "Technical exploitation and reconstruction of building and structures of НГДК".



Basic special courses  for an educationally-qualifying level specialist(master's degree)

  • "Constructions of building of the special setting"
  • "Steel-concrete structures"
  • "Technical exploitation and strengthening of steel and wood structures".



Diploma works

At the Department the diploma works of both traditional building and objects of oil and gas production complex are executed. Most diploma works are developed with the elements of the real objects or on the real basis.

At the Department master's degree works are also executed after direction the "Building constructions".

 A department actively engages in methodical and publishing work. For only in the last few years more than 30-ти monographs are published and learning aids. All disciplines that is laid out on the department of 100% provided with modern methodical literature.


Photo 1 -2. Textbooks and learning aids, published in the last few years by the teachers of department

Department conducts the active advanced study. There are three scientific schools leaded by Professors of Pitchugin S.F., Storogenko L.I. and Semko O.V which are working at the Department. It allows to execute scientific researches at high level in a collaboration with leading establishments of country, in particular with Academy of building of Ukraine, State research institute of building constructions and “Ukrainian Steel Institute”.


The quantitative indexes of scientific achievements of department grow from year to year. In 2011-2012 school year 14 graduate students and 4 doctoral candidate have been worked scientific dissertations at the Department. To guidance graduate students are got by Associate Professors that have considerable scientific potential. The rates of introduction of results of scientific researches grow in building.


8.1. Scientific school is "Reliability of building and structures"   (sciences leader Pitchugin S.F., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Academician of Academy of building of Ukraine)


Scientific school is founded in 1974. In more than a 30-years-old term 3 doctoral dissertations and 15 candidate's dissertations were defended, 13 monographs and more than 450 articles are published, over 20 copyright certificates are got.


Photo 1. Dr.Sc., Prof. Pitchugin S.F. with graduate students in the laboratory of department

Conducted analysis of the casual loading (snow, wind, crane) on the constructions, worked out probabilistic models of loading as casual processes and them absolute maximums, extremums, casual sequences independent, discrete and correlated overloads, methodology is first reasonable them comparative analysis. Methodology of taking into account of compatible action of atmospheric and кранових loading that have different frequency composition and difficult distributions of ordinate is worked out, that allowed to specify the coefficients of connection of loading.


Untied practical tasks of estimation of reliability of columns of permanent and step cut, roof and crane beams, bending resiliently-plastic elements, underground pipelines, pitch building, constructions of ropeways. Got estimations of reliability of steel static indefinite frames, that allowed to conduct range of their elements on the criterion of reliability and estimate backlogs of bearing strength static indefinite systems.


Practical researches of the technical state and design of building constructions are constantly conducted on the objects of the different setting, that are in the different regions of Ukraine and CIS. Researches of influence of defects and damages proceed on reliability of steel beams.


The results of researches are plugged in normative documents: DBN 362-92 "Estimations of the technical state of steel constructions of industrial building and structures that are in exploitation", DBN В.1.2.-2: A 2006 "Loads and actions", DBN В. 1.2-96 "General principles of providing of reliability and safety of building, structures and bases".


Materials of researches of scientific school were given a report on international conferences in Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Norway, Italy, Switzerland and Malta.



8.2. Scientific school of "Research and introduction is in building of steel-concrete composite constructions" (scientific leader Storogenko L.I.it is a Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor)


Scientific school is organized at the department of Structures from a metal, wood and plastics of the Poltava Institute in 1986. It scientific activity is sanctified to research and introduction in building of effective steel-concrete composite constructions.


Steel-concrete of construction combine in itself the best qualities of reinforce-concrete and steel constructions. At their application, due to effective compatible work of concrete and steel, the considerable economy of materials is arrived at and працевтрат. It is especially advantageous to apply Steel-concrete constructions in building, where the large loading operate.


In times of existence schools are conducted wide experimental and theoretical researches of features of steel-concrete composite constructions, in particular at external re-enforcement, that work at the different tense states. Guncret structures, constructions that is reinforced by other types of rental profiles and folias, are investigational. Tested constructions that worked on a clench and bend. Researches appeared interesting.


In parallel with experimental and theoretical researches the search of new types of steel-concrete composite constructions, that is confirmed by patents on inventions.


Photo 2. Dr.Sc., Prof. Storogenko L.I.but  Dr.Sc., Prof. Semko О.В. in the circle of graduate students

As a result of wide experimental and theoretical researches the worked out methods of calculation of steel-concrete composite constructions. It gives an opportunity to design Steel-concrete constructions for the real building and structures that is erected not only on territory of the Poltava area, but also far after her limits. As a result of wide introduction of new constructions in building educed them техніко-економічна efficiency. Job of scientific school performances are plugged in DBN В.2.6-160: 2010 "Steel-concrete of construction".


Work in relation to research and introduction the wide circle of scientists, graduate students and students engages in building of steel-concrete composite constructions. The results of researches are published in the scientific press, including in collection of scientific works of national conferences of "Steel-concrete of construction : research, design, building and exploitation", that conducted every two years at the Krivorogsky technical University after active voice of representatives of scientific school.


8.3. Dissertation works are defended for the department of KMDP

For a department 8 doctoral dissertations are defended:

1. Pitchugin Serhij Fedorovych (in 1994)

2. Pashinsky Victor Antonovich (in 2000)

3. Semko Oleksandr Volodymyr (in 2006)

4. Azizov Talyat Nuredynovych (in 2006)

5. Lapenko Oleksandr Ivanovich (in 2010)

6. Mahinko Anton Volodymyrovych (in 2012)

7. Nignik Oleksandr Vasyljovych (in 2012)

8. Ermolenko Dmytro Adolfovych (in 2012)



For a department 58 candidate's dissertations are defended:

Akimov Anatolii (in 1985)

Pashinsky Victor (in 1987)

Kifah Mohammad (in 1990)

Tesiolkin Oleksandr (in 1991)

Drozdov Hennadij (in 1991)

Mikula Mykola (in 1991)

Barbarsky Valery (in 1992)

Sagan Oleksandr (in 1992)

Taranovsky Oleh (in 1993)

Shkirenko Serhij (in 1993)  

Kalchenko Andrii (in 1994)

Pents Volodymyr (in 1995)

Harchenko Yurij (in 1995)

Lapenko Oleksandr (in 1996)

Chichulin Victor (in 1996)

Vasuta Vasyl (in 1996)

Golovko Hennadij (in 1996)

Spilchuk Victor (in 1996)

Vahnenko Victor (in 1997)

Ermolenko Dmytro (in 1998)

Fenko Oleksij (1998р.)

Gnitko Oleksandr (in 1999)

Kortushov Pavlo (in 1999)

Kozar Valentine (in 2000)

Tymoshenko Vjyatsheslav (in 2000)

Vasuta Viktoriya (in 2002)

Voskoboynik Serhij (in 2002)

Derkach Тетяна (in 2002)

Severin Vitalij (in 2002)

Yahin Serhij (in 2002)

Bibik Mykola (in 2005)

Nignik Oleksandr (in 2005)

Voskoboynik Olena (in 2006)

Mahinko Anton (in 2006)

Skolibog Oleksandr (in 2006)

Biba Volodymyr (in 2007)

Dmytrenko Andrii (in 2007)

Turgansky Pavlo (in 2007)

Semko Volodymyr (in 2007)

Krupchenko Oleksandr (in 2008)

Gasiy Hryhorij (in 2008)

Gasenko Anton (in 2008)

Sklyarenko Serhij (in 2008)

Korh Oleh (in 2009)

Mahinko Natalia (in 2009)

Gudz is Serhij (in 2009)

Darienko Victor (in 2009)

Murza Serhij (in 2010)

Stovba Lilia (in 2010)

Driziruk Yurij (2011р.)

Chichulinа Ксенія (2011р.)

Nesterenko Tetyana (in 2011)

Patenko Yuliya (in 2012)

Avramenko Yurij (in 2012)

Dmytrenko Тетяна (in 2012)

Molka Iryna (in 2012)

Kuch Tatiana (in 2012)

Ivaniuk Andrii (in 2012)



8.4.  Laboratory base

The research laboratory of steel constructions and laboratory of test of constructions and building operate at a department. The laboratory base of department allows to test as farms, archs, columns, beams, flags, al both separate knots and elements of constructions on proof-of-concept machines and such model building constructions. In the laboratory of test of constructions and building constantly tested  new building constructions and their models by students, master's degrees, graduate students, and teachers of department (annually given the scientists of department requests and turns out about 10 you patents on useful models and inventions, 4-5 graduate students protect dissertations, 10-15 master's degrees carry out researches). In the order  they have 0.5-ton, 5-ton and 50-ton hydraulic and mechanical presses, hydraulic jacks and pumping stations, power sex, various adaptations and stands for tests. At tests use, except mechanical devices, modern multichannel measuring complex "VNP-8".


A laboratory base allows to provide laboratory practical work of students from disciplines the "Steel structures", "Wooden structures", "Metrology and standardization", "Building constructions" et al (about 25 types of laboratory works are conducted).


During tests permanent metrology control, attestation and check of adaptations and devices, is conducted.


The laboratory of tests of constructions and building of department is included in the complement of proof-of-concept center of University, where the certification tests of metal-plastic windows and doors, doors of an increase durability and other building constructions are conducted.

At the KMDP department students execute master's degree works and diploma works of next themes.




Themes of student’s research work at KMDP department



Type of works

Leaders of direction of research





Methods of calculation and research of the tensely-deformed state, including at presence of defects of different origin



Research of the tensely-deformed state and introduction are in building of steel-concrete composite constructions

Storogenko L.I.


Research of guncrete constructions that work on the difficult types of deformations

Shkirenko S.V.


Research of knots and оголовків of guncrete constructions

Pents V.F.


Development of calculation of reinforce-concrete beams is on transversal force

Dmytrenko A.O.


Research of guncrete constructions

Ermolenko D.A.





Scientifically-reasonable methods of estimation of the technical state and remaining resource of constructions of the protracted exploitation



Research of reliability of building and structures

Pitchugin S.F.


Reliability of steel-concrete composite constructions

Semko O.V.


Development of calculation of reliability of pitch building

Mahinko A.V.


Development of methods of calculation of reliability of knots of СНС

Chichulin V.P.


Work of elements of steel constructions is in composition of steel frames

Trusov G.M.


A calculation of hard shrouds is taking into account plasticity.

Bibik M.V.,

Bibik V.M.


Numeral calculations of steel constructions

Gudz S.A.







Themes of student’s diploma works at KMDP department


Themes of diploma works




Educational-productive center of PoltNTU


Trade-entertaining complex


Collapsible framework parking


A repair workshop is in composition of gas condensate deposit


Complex of arrangement  of oilfield


Productive corps of plant of steel  constructions


Covered stand


Reconstructions of sport hall with building on of mansard floor


Workshop of packing of suckling products of creamery


A workshop is from making of steel constructions of building construction combinat


Rental workshop of electrometallurgy plant


Machine-shop of machine-building plant


Arrangement of gas condensate deposit


A center is from technical service and sale of agricultural technique


The pumping station is in composition the complex of arrangement of gas condensate deposit


Repair workshop of motor-car engines


A Service-repair center is on maintenance of auto of technique


Main corps of car assembly plant


Mast of the gas-compressor station


A laboratory of monitoring of oil products of plant is from processing of oil


Complex of carriage works


Sport complex


Technological pump gas condensate deposit


Arrangement of the Gadyach oilfield


Gas-distributing station


Marine stationary platform


Productive corps of plant of reinforce-concrete wares


Building on of educational corps of "А" PoltNTU


Composition of the prepared products of complex is from sorting of seed of agricultures


Trade-entertaining complex


A main productive corps is from enriching and processing of titanic ore


Workshop of utilization of vegetable wastes.


Building objects of transporting of oil and gas.


Productive-educational complex


Many-tier motor-car stand


Productive corps of machine-building plant


Experimental workshop of glass-house


A boiler room is on a hard fuel .


Administrative corps of point of acceptance, storage and roughing-out of grain


Compressor station.


Repair workshop of technical maintenance of cars


Productive building of enterprise is from repair of the systems of automatic control


Building on of mansard floors of hotel complex.


Sport-health complex.


Productive corps of plant of reinforce-concrete wares.


Station of main gas pipeline.


Technological pump gas condensate deposit.


Repair workshop


Productive corps of plant of reinforce-concrete wares


A repair workshop of mechanical equipment is in composition a gas condensate deposit.


Purveying-frame-clamping workshop of mechanical plant


Autoservice center of technical service


Center of technical maintenance   of cars


Complex of storage and realization of gas runback.


Furniture workshop of PoltNTU.


Reconstruction of garret of central corps of PoltNTU.


A workshop of separation of plant is on processing of passing gas.


Complex of the wheeled plant.


Center of service and realization of agricultural technique.


A workshop is from making of furniture springs.


Covered ice arena of PoltNTU.


Workshop from growing of mushrooms by the productivity 720 т/year.


Health sport complex PoltNTU.


Repair workshop of heavy motor-car technique of base of mechanization.


A workshop is for the stowage of compressor equipment


A machine-shop of plant is on the production of gas production equipment.


Experimental research of constructions from glass-fibre plastic.


Supports of mobile communication are with the use to glass-fibre plastic.


Workshop of utilization of vegetable wastes


A repair workshop of mechanical equipment is in composition a gas and oil deposit.


Purveying-frame-clamping workshop of mechanical plant


Autoservice center of technical service

   In October, 2012 on the base of Department of Structures from a metal, wood and plastics of the Poltava national University the Tenth anniversary international scientific and technical conference of "Steel-concrete structures: research, design, building, exploitation" was conducted.


In a conference over 80 participants took part from 6 countries (including 7 foreign)



List of educational establishments and institution establishments that participated in a conference


№ з/ч

Name of institution, country




"Meta Integration Technology Inc." (USA)


Engineering bureau of "Tebc&Co"(Germany)


"Институт БелНИИС" "Научно-технический center"(republic of Belarus)


ТОО "Base-project of LTD", g. Алмати (republic of Kazakhstan)


ОАО "НИЦ "Строительство" ЦНИИСК им. В.А. Кучеренко (Russia)


Academy of building of Ukraine


Poltava regional organization of union of architects of Ukraine


Poltava National Technical University of Yurij Kondratyk


DP "State research institute of building constructions"(Kyiv)


Криворізький national University


National aviation University (Kyiv)


Ukrainian state academy of railway transport (Kharkiv)


Kirovohrad national technical University


"EKFA" LTD (Poltava)


National University "Lviv politehnika"


"Полтавархпроект" (Poltava)


National academy of nature protection and resort building (Simferopol)


ПП "Будекспертиза"(Poltava)


Kyiv national University of building and architecture


Kharkiv ПромбудНДІпроект


Kharkiv national academy of municipal economy


ДП of "ДПІ "Кривбаспроект"


Odessa state academy of building and architecture


National transport University (Kyiv)


National academy of fine art and architecture (Kyiv)


A state travelling research institute is the name of М.П. Шульгіна (Kyiv)


National University of water economy and природокористування (Rivne)


Придніпровська state academy of building and architecture (Dnipropetrovsk)


Odessa national marine University


   On results work of conference materials of lectures of participants are published in Collection of scientific works (branch engineer, building) of the Poltava National Technical University of Yurij Kondratyk

KMDP department prominent graduated students (for the last 10 years)





Place of work









Pents Serhij



VAT  "GadyachGAS", Gadyach



Mahinko Anton



Poltava National
Technical University of Yurij Kondratyk

Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor of KMDP department


Nignik Oleksandr



Poltava National
Technical University of Yurij Kondratyk

Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor of department of technology of building production and labour protection


Silka Serhij



NAK "Naftogas of Ukraine", "Urktransgas" BMF "Urkgasprombud",  Poltava

Leading engineer of productive department


Barshak Yuliya



Poltava oil-gas company



Gudz Serhij



Poltava National
Technical University of Yurij Kondratyk

Candidate of Engineering Sciences, assistant of department KMDP


Morgun Oleh



"Success" LTD, Poltava

Manager of sales department


Altuhov Vitalij



"Bikor" LTD, Kyiv (Krementchuk branch)



Vahnenko Hennadij




VAT "PMK-72", Poltava



Pavelieva Maryna



BST "Proektbudmontag", Poltava



Chovan Yanina



"Termasteel-Ukraine" LTD



Kurdykov Oleksandr




Engineer III to the category


Ivanina Andrii



Communal association of "Kyivzelenbud", Kyiv



Kugim Oleksandr



"Poltavaspezmontag" LTD



 Chair of Department is Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Pitchugin Serhij Fedorovych


Senior laboratory assistant of Department  is Kuz Varvara Dmytrovna


  • Rooms: 013L
  • Thelephone: (05322) 2-99-30

Teacher’s rooms:

  • Rooms: 013L, 010L

  • Thelephone: (05322) 2-99-30


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of university

36011, Poltava,
Pershotravnevyi avenue, 24.
Admissions telephone:
(0532) 56-16-04
E-mail: vstup@pntu.edu.ua



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