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Architectural Faculty

Address: 36000 Poltava, Sobornosty st.  42, r. 200.

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All long period of architectural education in the Poltava National Technical University can be divided into four stages:

1966-1971 years - a stage of the origin and formation, which can  be described as romantic. The success of the foundation of the architectural profession based on professional experience and mature masters of fine architecture disciplines, experienced engineers and enthusiasm of young teachers.

Since 1971 began the second period in the life of the Poltava architectural school - the period of development and recognition at the state and its prosperity. This year the first issue of architects and architectural faculty were created. The quality of the first projects was quite high, 13 graduates got excellent marks. Three of them were presented at the annual competition of graduation projects of graduates of architectural schools of the Soviet Union, held in Moscow, two of them were awarded diplomas second and one third degree. With this stage linked the emergence of a number of outstanding creative personalities - graduates, M.I. Kalinin, A.K. Kasperov, N.V. Karyuk, K.O. Sazonov, E.V. Shiray, V.A. Nikolaenko, V.A. Tregubov, V.G. Toporkov and many others. This period also marked the architectural specialty design section at the Department of Architecture of industrial and civil buildings in special department "Architectural Design," the first head of which was Associate Professor O.A. Shumilin. In April 1990, the department "Architectural Design," which at that time was headed by V.M. Vadimov, was divided in two: the department "Fundamentals of Architecture and Fine Disciplines", headed by V.M. Lyakh, and the department "Urban Planning", the head of which was V.M. Vadimov.

Since 1993, there were very significant changes in the life of the faculty, so this period can be considered as the next stage of its development. In autumn 1993, the Architectural Department was moved to the former school building anti-missile ArtillerySchool, and V.M. Gubar was elected  as a Dean architectural faculty. At this time, the Department "Fundamentals of Architecture and Fine Disciplines" formed two departments "Fundamentals of Architecture" and "Design of architectural environment and visual disciplines." The last was formed in connection with the opening of a new specialty "Artistic Architectural Design of Urban, Rural and Park Ensembles" which then turned into a new specialty "Design of architectural environment." Later, the Department "Fundamentals of Architecture" renamed in "Architecture of Residential and PublicBuildings", corresponding to the chosen specialty "Architecture of Buildings and Structures." Department "Design of Architectural Environment and Fine Disciplines" later received a new name "Design of Architectural Environment and Fine Arts", and then based on it formed two departments: "Design of Architectural Environment" and "Fine Arts", which coincided with the opening on the faculty of the new specialty "Fine and Decorative Arts."

Since the beginning of the new millennium begins the modern phase of architectural faculty, who gets a new qualitative push in its development. At this time significantly develops the research. Results of which were candidate and doctoral theses. Many teachers works on the master's dissertation researches. In recent years, the architectural department made a significant amount of research, design and creative works. The departments of faculty maintains close links with secondary schools of Poltava. This is a guarantee of annual competitive selection process for teaching best students the creative professions of architect and artist. Successfully developing other areas of architectural faculty. This are the extension and deepening relationships with leading creative architectural higher schools of Ukraine and Europe, participating teachers of the faculty in the Academy of Architecture of Ukraine and the start of cooperation with the International Academy of Architecture.

Highly qualified teachers train students for obtaining the Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s degrees. Among teachers there are members of the Ukrainian Architecture Academy, honoured artists of Ukraine, honoured culture promoters, members of the International Association of Art Critics, More then 30 Candidates and  Doctors of Sciences, Professors, associate professors, and other highly experienced practical teachers. Students willing to be engaged in research activities and to raise their qualification level may attend the post-graduate course and learn such specialities as: 191 Architecture and town planning.

The high level of architectural students education is demonstrated by the results of annual Ukrainian and CIS architectural and design schools diploma projects competitions. Works of our Architectural Faculty students traditionally win mainly the first and the second places.

The Architectural Faculty’s  graduates occupy the positions of chief architects in regions and cities, chief artists, regional architects and leading experts of design workshops and studios in Ukraine and other world countries. Many architectural graduates devoted themselves to research and teaching work and have become Candidates and Doctors of Sciences.

Vice-rector for scientific and innovative work

Muravlyov Volodymyr Vyacheslavovych

PhD, Associate Professor

Deputy Dean of Academic and Educational work

Oleksandr Savchenko

PhD, senior lecturer

Deputy Dean of Research and International Activities

Zinenko Tatiana

Ph.D., Associate Professor of Fine Arts

The Architectural Faculty integrates and manages the work of departments:







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Field of Knowledge

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Architecture and Building


Architecture and Urban Planning


Culture and Arts


Fine Art, Decorative Art, Restoration

Member of Student Parliament of the Faculty of Architecture, curator of the national-patriotic and charitable directly Shyshkan Ivan Pavlovich



Chairman of the student Council of the faculty of architecture, student of group 303–A Tseshko Sergey Yuriyovych


Address: 36000 Poltava, Zhovtneva st.  42, r. 200.

Tel. (0532) 60-73-62

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web: af.pntu.edu.ua

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