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Web-site of the department: ngig.pntu.edu.ua 

To promote higher technical and vocational education and improve the learning process in Technical Drawing at schools and vocational schools the Department organizes the annual Olympiad in Technical Drawing . All interested are invited. The teachers of Technical Drawing are welcome for cooperation too.
To participate in the competition it's necessary to have:

- Drawing tools (pencils, rulers, triangles, eraser, compasses);

- Drawing Paper A3 (297x420).

Task: According to two geometric projections it's necessary tobuild the third projection; axonometric image with cutting-out of 1/4 parts and put down sizes.
The Olympiad Program

1. Registration – 9.00 - 9.30 room. 327 (Department of descriptive 03_ngg and graphics).

2. Giving the task – 10.00 - 13.00.

3. Summing up, award ceremony – 15.00.

Annually in December the Department conducts the InteruniversityOlympiad in Descriptive 03_ngg for students.

According to the order № 114 (999) at Poltava Institute of Engineers of Rural Construction 14,November 1938 the Graphics department was founded and led by Associate Professor Faidysh Oleksіy Vasylovych. There were only two subjects: "Descriptive 03_ngg" and "Drawing".

In 1968 the academic staff of the Department was increased because of increasing number of students: V.P. Gromov, V. P. Bidny, O.S. Kalashnikov, K.P. Fastovets, V.A. Cherniavsky,

R.Kh. Kuzmenko, A.P. Derzhak, G.M. Garmash, V.G. Motsak.

Under the direction of the head of the department Bidny Valentyn Pylypovych the academic staff mastered the art of teaching, developed teaching materials. At that time they worked three shifts. The stationary classes worked the first and the second shifts, the evening and the correspondence departments worked the third one.

 In November 1973 Associate Professor Olexandr Grygorovych Onischenko became the Head of the Department. His energy, dedication, high standards for himself and his subordinates gave a new round of the Department work. In that period an active research work was conducted to develop the effective means of construction processes mechanization. It was established a mechanization of manual labor research laboratory.

 Since 1979 the Interuniversity Olympiads in Descriptive 03_ngg have begun conducting at a high organizational level. More than150 students took an active part in competition annually. The participants were as students from our Institute as from other higher educational institutions.

In 1981-1986 the talented youth came to the department: A.I. Gorobets, V.G. Usenko,

I.O. Rusakov, O.V. Vorontsov. All of them were our graduates.

In 1988-1996 the teachers of the Department created the methodology and mastered the technique of working with foreign students. The department trained students from Latin America (tutors V.U. Ustyantsev, R.Kh. Kuzmenko).

Even after the Great Patriotic War a senior lecturer V.P. Gromov, who was an architect, designed the project for the summer cinema in the Victory Park and participated in its construction. He and O.S. Kalashnikov made a plan and pegged the alley leading to the University. In 70-80s the Department and Laboratory "LMRTS" took a great contribution into building industry .They made involutes of air conduits ordered by plants.

In 1987-1990s it was conducted research on subject "Design of small architectural forms" based on house-building factory in Poltava and Cherkassy. The studies were ordered and financed by the government. The research was led by Associate Professor O.I. Gorobets and carried out by Associate Professor G.I. Strilets, Senior Lecturer R.Kh. Kuzmenko and Senior Lecturer O.Y. Kharchenko.

In 2006 the school "Young Engineer" started working at the department to prepare applicants for engineering professions.

The members of the department performed different duties at various times:

rector – O.G. Onischenko, vice-chancellor – O.V. Vorontsov, deans – V.G. Usenko,

O.S. Kalashnikov, deputy dean – O.V. Vorontsov, the head of trade union committee and the secretary of admission committee– O.S. Kalashnikov, faculty secretaries – R.Kh . Kuzmenko, O.Y. Kharchenko.

Vorontsov Oleg Victorovych - Head of the Department, PhD, Associate Professor

Pogorily Dmytro Fedorovych - PhD, Associate Professor

Usenko Valeriy Grygorovych - PhD, Associate Professor

Kodak Olga Antonivna -  PhD, Associate Professor

Patenko Ulia Eduardivna - PhD, Associate Professor

Chepiga Larysa Danylivna - Training master

Boyko Vladyslav Anatoliyovych - Senior Lecturer


Khomenko Inna Volodymyrivna –  Ph.D., Associate Professor

Design, making, maintenance of buildings and structures with different types of images: drawings, technical drawings, sketches. It fills the graphic disciplines with a number of important tasks, including solving various engineering geometric problems in building and architecture, the ability to model forms that meet the requirements of modern architecture and technical aesthetics, knowledge of rules of technical documentation, the ability to solve engineering problems in graphic ways, acquiring skills at making and reading drawings.

For solving the optimized problems they use certain algorithms and programs based on the laws and rules of descriptive 03_ngg. Recently the range of problems solved by methods of descriptive 03_ngg has expanded significantly. The discipline gained modeling and creative nature. Its universal and special techniques are widely used in computer-aided design, engineering and manufacturing of complex technical objects.

DescriptiveGeometryEngineering Graphics

184 Mining

Descriptive Geometry, Engineering and Computer Graphics

185 Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology

131 Applied Mechanics

133 Industrial Engineering

274 Highway Transportation

141 Electrical Energy, Electrical Technology and Electro mechanics 

191 – Architecture and Urban Planning

Engineering and Computer-aided Design

183 Environmental Protection Technologies

101 Ecology

Engineering and Computer Graphics 

192 Construction and Civil Engineering

193 Geodesy and Land Management


Drawing for Students of Training Courses of Preparatory Center PoltNTU.



Creation of any products in industry begins with the developing design documentation. The level of its execution significantly affects the reduction of terms of the creation and development of products, decrease of the complexity of their production, increase reliability and quality.


  • Implementation of drawings. Drawings construction and presentation of paper drawings in formats used in CAD. Control of norms of drawings according to current Ukrainian and European standards.

  • 3D-modeling. Construction of 3D models of houses, buildings, structures, interiors, modeling various light sources, materials and textures. Planning of premises, arrangement of furniture. Constructing of 3D models of devices parts, building constructions, machine joints and devices. Visualization of models.

  • Computer design. Computer plotting of graphs and charts, various diagrams and tables.

The Department of Descriptive 03_ngg and graphics.

Developers: PhD. Associate Professor O. Vorontsov, PhD. Associate Professor V. Usenko, Ph.D. Associate Professor Iu. Patenko, Senior Lecturer V. Boyko.

1. Маслова, С.А. Черчение. Часть I : Учебно-методическое пособие для практических занятий и самостоятельной работы слушателей подготовительного отделения для иностранцев / С.А. Маслова, В.А. Бойко, Ю.Э.Патенко // Полтава: ПолтНТУ, 2015. – 91 с.


2. Бойко, В.А. Навчальний посібник та збірник тестів із нарисної геометрії для самостійної роботи студентів технічних спеціальностей денної, прискореної та дистанційної форм навчання у І семестрі з курсу «Нарисна геометрія, інженерна та комп’ютерна графіка» // В.А. Бойко / Полтава: ПолтНТУ, 2016. – 86 с. (http://lib.pntu.edu.ua/?module=ellib*nid*11544)

3. Бойко, В.А. Методичні рекомендації для самостійної роботи студентів по виконанню індивідуальних завдань із нарисної геометрії для студентів напряму підготовки 6.050702 – Електромеханіка. / В.А. Бойко // Полтава: ПолтНТУ, 2015. – 41 с. (http://lib.pntu.edu.ua/?module=ellib*nid*11517);


The Department became as co-chair of 8th Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "Applied 03_ngg, graphics technology and design,"
held on the17-20th April 2012 at the Poltava National Technical University named after Yuriy Kondratyuk.

It was attended by 135 participants from Ukraine and CIS countries.
35 Doctors of Science and 72 PhD were among the attendees of the conference.



The 65th scientific conference of professors, academic staff, scientists, post-graduates and students of the University.

23April – 15 May

Poltava 2013

An important part of the department of descriptive geometry and graphics is an international activity that occurs in the form of international relations scholars from different countries, participation in international conferences, competitions, cooperation with the authorized representatives of the corporation SolidWorks, group of companies ASCON.

The last Drawing Competition was held on March 19, 2016.

The winners of the 2nd tour of Drawing Regional Competition attended the 3rd tour of Drawing Competition. The winners, who came from 13 districts and 6 cities in the Poltava region, were able to compete with each other in a struggle. This tense struggle showed who of them the best are.

Detailed information is on the Department’s website


To promote higher technical and vocational education and improve the learning process in Technical Drawing at schools and vocational schools the Department organizes the annual Olympiad in Technical Drawing . All interested are invited. The teachers of Technical Drawing are welcome for cooperation too.

To participate in the competition it's necessary to have:

- Drawing tools (pencils, rulers, triangles, eraser, compasses);

- Drawing Paper A3 (297x420).

Task: According to two geometric projections it's necessary tobuild the third projection; axonometric image with cutting-out of 1/4 parts and put down sizes.

Task example
Solution example

Lot of attention teaching personnel of the department given to foreign students. On department developed a training complexes disciplines for foreign students in English.

Classes are offered for students of building faculty and faculty of oil and gas. Software in the computer class also changes the interface language.

Annually in December the Department conducts the Interuniversity Olympiad in Descriptive geometry for students.


Students research work

According to the order of Ministry of education and science of Ukraine № 1193 21.10.2014, the second round of Ukrainian Student Research Work 2014/2015 was conducted at the National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute" in April 2015. The branch of science was "Applied geometry, engineering graphics and ergonomics."

As a result, Dmitry Usenko, Olga Petluh, Anna Matveeva were awarded for the best scientific works.

- Teachers’ room 327, Study Building "C"

- Site of the Department: http://ngig.pntu.edu.ua 

- e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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