Любіть Україну у сні й наяву,
Вишневу свою Україну,
Красу її, вічно живу і нову,
І мову її солов'їну.
В. Сосюра

Nikolaienko Volodymyr Anatoliyovych

Head of Department, ScD  in architecture, Professor

Zhornikova Natalia V.

laboratory technician

Didyk Vladimir Anatoliyevych

Head of educational laboratory

Section of architecture of buildings and structures

 Dmytrenko Andriy Yuriyovych

Manager of section, Ph.D., Candidate of Technical Sciences, docent

On the section of architecture of buildings and structures of department of architecture of buildings and urban planning six candidates of science (Ph.D.) work from 2013-2014 school year (V.M. Lyach, A.Y.Dmytrenko, V.V. Nikolaenko, A.S. Boroday, D.S. Boroday, T.V. Rudenko), senior teacher M.K. Rudenko and assistant T.Y. Kuzmenko, that makes 75% teachers with scientific degrees and scientist’s ranks. After defense of candidate’s dissertation one of bread-winner’s in 2014-2015 school year this index will be 88%.

Methodical work is development and edition  of the methodical pointing to the architectural  planning (from 2  for 6 courses), to the study  of theoretical disciplines (a 40 methodical  pointing is given out), notes of lectures on profiling disciplines ( 5 compendia of lectures has been published and three prepare to edition), and also has been published two and two manuals prepare to the issue, in a that number one with a permission of Ministry jf education and science, young people and sport of Ukraine. In 2012 year  a train aid is published from "Tipologi of public buildings and constructions”

In 2012 year  the Allukrainian student scientific conference ("Historical experience and modern progress of architecture, town-planning and graphic disciplines" trends) was conducted on edition of collection of lectures more than 220 students from 10-ти leading institutions of higher learning of Ukraine. High quality of preparation of specialists a department is annually confirmed on the traditional competitions of architectural schools of Ukraine, on that the best projects of graduating students of speciality "Architecture of building and building" marked the diplomas of I and II of degrees. A department published 2 volumes collection of labours of graduate students and students.

Department AHPB, which became the section of architecture of buildings and structures of department of architecture of buildings and urban planning in 2014, since its inception  has trained over 340 professionals, including more than 30 Magister (from 2000 to 2013 years). At the departments of Architectural faculty work 10 graduates of speciality "Architecture of buildings", including 6 Magisters of Architecture students in graduate, 7 defended their dissertations (Dmytrenko A.Y., Zakrepa L.O., Rusin V.V., Sazonova O.Y., Tushkevich O.P., Boroday A.S., Boroday D.S.) A significant proportion of our graduates work successfully architecture practitioners in design institutes in Poltava and other design institutes and companies, as well as in organs planning and architecture areas of Ukraine (Zhytomyr, Poltava, Sumy, Chernihiv and others).

A tel. is a 7-18-61 dekan's office of architectural faculty

Mobile telephone +3 8 050-304-24-40 of manager of section of buildings and structures Dmytrenko Andriy Yriyovych

Electronic address of department of ABUP   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Section of urban plannig

Chairman manager of section, senior lecturer

Larissa Borodich

PhD in engineering, associate professor


Olexander Savchenko

 PhD in architecture, associate professor


Alisa Zauralska

 PhD in architecture, associate professor

Andriy Konyuk

senior lecturer

associate Head of Department

Olexandr Obidniy

senior lecturer


Pavlo Vasylliev

assistant professor

Marina Borodich



Tetiana Mukha

PhD student

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36011, Poltava,
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E-mail: vstup@pntu.edu.ua



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